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Eco-Friendly Flooring, Ceiling & Wall Products

Daltile Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

More than 98% of Daltile’s manufactured products contain pre-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials helping to prevent over 200 million pounds of solid wastes from ending up in landfills. Daltile offers a tremendous variety of products that can help you construct or remodel in an environmentally responsible manner. With FloorScore certified products and LEED Credit contributing options like Colour Scheme and Continental Slate, renovation products help achieve your green thumb.

Continental Flooring Company offers several products that meet government green requirements. Our ability to provide products from all manufacturers gives you the benefit of the best available cost in recycled and environmentally friendly products.

Other recycled products Continental Flooring Company offers from many manufacturers include:

  • PET Carpet carpet fibers recycled from soda bottles
  • Carpet Backings reused and recycled materials
  • Carpet Cushion 100% recycled materials
  • Ceiling Tile recycled materials
  • Cove Base recycled and reused materials
  • Porcelain Tile recycled glass
  • Rubber Floor Matting & Tile recycled materials
  • Solid Vinyl Tile recycled and reused materials
  • And others

For GSA Customers, please see our flyer Buying Green on GSA Contract for additional information or contact a Continental Flooring Company Representative. Dont forget to check back for more ideas.

Previously Featured Products

Flexco Natural Elements Wood & Stone Vinyl Tile

Flexco offers an assorted collection of sustainable flooring manufactured with 72% recycled content. The NEW addition of Natural Elements Wood and Stone Vinyl Tile delivers durability and scratch resistance for an economical flooring solution. Product lines contribute to LEED credits and are FloorScore certified to comply with indoor air quality requirements. Ask about the Eniroflex program where post-industrial and post-consumer waste, recycled substance and renewable resources collide to create eco-friendly products.

Armstrongs Soundsoak® Acoustical Wall Panels

Woodworks® Ekos®

WoodWorks® Ekos® panels utilize a real wood veneer over a mineral fiber substrate to create a lightweight, affordable product. Acoustical perforated panels provide excellent sound absorption. Ekos panels can also help contribute to LEED® credits with no-added formaldehyde, no detectable formaldehyde emissions and high recycled content up to 67%. A variety of decorative wood and aluminum accessories complete the system.

Armstrongs Striations BioBased Tile

Striations BBT delivers stylish, linear visuals in a non-PVC floor tile. A greener choice with performance features superior to ordinary VCT. Contains BioStride polymer which is made from rapidly renewable US-grown plant materials 85% limestone and 10% pre-consumer recycled content.

Currently using VCT? You may be interested in Armstrongs VCT Recycling Program striving for cradle-to-cradle products to help reduce environmental impact.

Ecores ECOsurfaces Rubber Flooring

ECOsurfaces manufactured by Ecore offers a diverse portfolio of rubber flooring. Products are comprised of post-consumer tire rubber and ColorMill EPDM bound together in a specialized process that requires minimal water, avoids heat, and reuses in-line scrap to decrease waste. FloorScore certified to comply with indoor air quality requirements. Ask about the Redeux Take-Back Program where materials may be recycled to assist in future manufacturing.

Centivas Stria Floor Tile

Stria tile is offered under Centivas Victory product line and is manufactured with a unique process resulting in tiles with distinctive variations. Produced with metallic pigments, youll love the products design possibilities. In addition to being 100% recyclable, Stria is manufactured with up to 47% pre-consumer recycled content. Final benefitits Made in America.

Armstrong Ceiling Systems

As a proven leader in the industry, Armstrong offers a broad portfolio of products containing up to 82% recycled content. In addition, Armstrong suspension systems contain 30% recycled content the highest in the industry. Did you know Armstrong has recycled more than 60 million sq. ft. of old ceiling material since 1999? Now thats impressive. We are proud to offer the complete line of Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Systems.

Tuflex Recycled Rubber Tile from Roppe

Tuflex rubber floor tiles for sports and commercial applications have been proven in the industry since 1957. Tuflex tiles are manufactured with a patented vulcanization process and contains 99% recycled content which may contribute to LEED credits.

Continental Flooring Company Carpets by Shaw

We offer a variety of carpet and carpet tile utilizing Shaws Eco Solution Q® nylons (25% recycled content and Shaws Ecoworx® backings are 100% sustainable, non-PVC). For even more benefits, these products can become carpet again once they are removed. Shaw has the first Cradle-to-Cradle products whereby both the nylon and backings can be recycled to create even more carpet.

Armstrongs Migrations Floor Tile

Armstrongs Biobased Tile™ contains their patent- pending BioStride™ polymer which is made with rapidly renewable ingredients that help reduce the reliance on petroleum and fossil fuels. 10% pre-consumer recycled content and FloorScore certification help BBT contribute to or qualify for multiple LEED credits all with the classic good looks of composition tile.

Crossvilles EcoCycle Porcelain Tile

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