Before & after loris painted floor DesignSponge

before & after loris painted floor DesignSponge


wow. this one takes the cake. amazing!

Absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

Crazy daisy!

inspired! reminds me of mosaic floor designs a fraction of the elbow grease/cost though.

This is awesome. I just love it!

Fantastic! LOVE stenciled flooring! Are the stencils from Royal Design Studio?

just gorgeous lori!

This is amazing and gorgeous! I wish that there were wooden floors hidden underneath my flooring, but alas, there are not.

Lori has such an incredible flair for pattern. I love seeing it in her design work and now how she applies it to her personal space. Amazing!

ooooh! i love it!

WOW, I would have never thought to use such a bold color on a floor, it looks amazing though. I would like to see how she styles the rest of the room.

this is so beautiful! i want those floors!

Holy cow! Those floors are gorgeous what a talent! I hope everyone takes their shoes off its too pretty to walk on!

So gorgeous! But what else would we expect from Lori? Nice job :)

This is beautiful I want to do this somewhere in my house now!

How can someone NOT be utterly happy in that room? Id love to see what it looks like when furnished any pics?

Dang! Those are the best looking floors Ive seen in a long time. Redoing flooring is really hard and 5 layers of old stuff. Kudos!

So inspiring and so well done. I am definitely going to do this someday when Im not a renter. Awesome job!

OOh! Lovely. Anyone recognize those curtains?

I seriously LOVE these floors and wish I 1) had a floor to do this to and 2) had that much patience!

so beautiful, bright and cheery, but why oh why cover up hardwood floors. In the stencil pic, the sanded floor in the background looks to be in good shape?

Those are absolutely stunning! What a great pattern and beautiful punch of color for the room!

LOVE this! Definitely going to have to find a way to incorporate this idea somewhere into my home


Yellow has been really catching my eye lately. I love what youve done with the floors.

Wow! That floor looks incredible and must make them happy every day.

Architte I think thats a different room bordering on the yellow floor room. You can see in the first pic under the cut that theres a ton of damage.

So nice to see it again! Just beautiful Lori worth the work!

holy wow. You just made my favorite color sing to me :) that looks really awesome. Incredible! genius!

the possibility for woods floors is endless. and so beautiful!

to answer some questions:

sorry, no furnished photos yet. this project was just recently completed and i want to give it a full couple weeks to cure..especially with all the humidity weve been having. ill be sure to send some on when its done.

as for the floors, they were not actually hardwood. the adjoining room was beautiful maple which you can see and we just had that sanded and refinished. this room was soft pine or fir. we opted for the painted option rather than re-carpet or some other floor treatment.

thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and for stopping over on my blog to say hi. i really appreciate it. we love our new floors and like someone above mentioned, they do make me very happy! ;)

B e a u t i f u l.

As someone whos seen it in person I can you it looks as good as it does in the picture! And it really cheers up the space love it!

Congrats Lori on completing the project!

oops, i just realized i missed a question!

about the pattern: it was inspired by a photo i found from ohdeedoh of a stenciled floor. from that photo i drew my version in illustrator and edited from there. (i made the center flower larger, spaced things out a bit, got rid of some smaller details, etc.) then i blew it up so that each full flower was 24 in diameter. printed it up in tile mode and taped the sheets together for the pattern. adhered that to foamcore and cut it out. hope that helps!

What an amazing job. I just love the color combination and I thought my forest in our bedroom was a lot of work.

um this is SO beautiful.

FAb-oo-lious! That is such a pretty color and the stencil the perfect size. Truly impressive.

That is gorgeous. so creative and inspiring.

Wow! I love it. Almost makes me want to add, one room with messed up floors to my house hunting list!

Absolutely gorgeus! Love that shade of yellow and the pattern.

absolutely BEAUTIFUL! i can see this idea having so many gorgeous applicationsfabulous work. cant wait to see the whole room finished!

wow. So lovely, love the color, design, 70s feel. Id be wary to even walk on it, though.

Im totally sold on this stunning idea for my spare bedroom. Now, I need a fix for devilish white floor grout in my kitchen.

What a fantastic look. Love the colour!

Im AMAZED! What an incredible job has she done! It looks fantastic.

how innovative. this is such a cute idea. but. i wonder if a little mistake in the placement of the pattern would look very bad. i want to try this but allitle scared!

just wow!

I have to say, when I hear painted floors, I usually cringe. Probably because of a horrible apartment I rented years back that thought ugly brown paint was a good alternative to fixing the floors. (I dubbed the apt. The Ghetto Chateau) This floor, however, rocks! I love the bright, cheery feel of it, plus the fact its not trying to pass itself off as something else.

WOW-WEE! I have always regretted that I was just too pregnant to paint my kitchen floor. Someday, it will happen and I now have the perfect inspiration.



Wow, what a transformation! If only I didnt rent :(

wow!Simple fantastic floornever imagined Yellow to be so preety on floor.Also you are very creative in making the stencil.Thanks for sharing the idea with us.

This is my favorite floor EVER. Oh, its just gorgeousthe color, the stencil, the painted wood. Heaven! I want one. )

nice job. )

before & after loris painted floor DesignSponge

Oh I wish my kitchen floors were in bad shape so I could justify thisits so beautifulwhat a way to lighten and brighten.

wow. great. wondering what you topped it with to protect from furniture and general wear n tear?

heather right now its not topped with anything for wear and tear because we want it to obtain the worn look a little. once it gets to the place we want it, we will seal it with several coats of poly.

oooooooooooh. I wish I had crummy old floors I could do this to! Somehow I think my husband might not be too happy if I did it to our 2 yr. old wood floors Awesome job!

oh man! this is great! so funny, i was just talking about this with another person who suggested i do this when i pull up my carpets the wood floors have stains. i love how this turned out!!

I looove this floor. so inspiring and an awesome idea!

OMG. jaw dropping. Seriously!

How brilliant is this?

I know this has already been said, but wow your floor project is really beautiful & amazing & gorgeous!


Wow! What a transition! Refreshing and prestine. Wonderful.

I love painted floors, its so east hampton

But my ocd would have me looking for caulk to fill in every line between the wood boardsIt looks so cute, but I would be way to afraid of dirt getting in there

thats why every floor in my house is either polished concrete (which i dont love the look of, but damn its easy to keep clean), or huge 3 by 3 white marble tile with no grout lines, also easy to keep clean.

I do wish I had warm wood floorsbut my house isnt old enough to have those cool antique wood floors

OMG.absolutely love it :)

due to all the rain the northeast has been getting this summer and all the accidents my little yorkie has, I went a little crazy and ripped up all the carpeting in my family room. I to love painted floors and have done one previously. This floor is gorgeous and would love to know more on how the get the stencil made. Job well done.!

Oh. my. god. that yellow floor is amazing.

I want that floor!

Great job! Can you come to my house and do this?


Love Love Love these floors. You Rock!

I love painted floors, too. But if I were to do mine again, I would use a primer on them. I thought because I was using an outdoor/patio paint, nothing would bleed through,and nothing did until I put the varnish coat on top. This somehow made some color from the wood beneath leech through in patcheswhich is okay for my Maine Cottage look, but would NOT look good with this careful stencil pattern! So use a primer!

I now have the perfect floor solution for my daughters bathroom. The best part is that my husband liked it too! Any chance you know the yellow paint color? It is perfect! Awesome job!

nancy- just checking back in to see if there were any more questions and i see yours about the color. unfortunately i custom mixed it because i wasnt happy with the initial color we picked. wish i could be of more help! if youre really interested you can shoot me an e-mail and i can paint you a small swatch that you could take in and have color-matched. (lori @ marzipaninc. com)

Stunning! I would love to try this, my husband and I acquired a 3 bedroom, cottage and all the floors, and staircase could benefit from this. Did you just make one large stencil and move it around the room, or did you cover the floor in stencilsnot sure how you map it out?

Wow! This floor looks amazing! We just bought an older home with gorgeous wood floors. The kitchen has laminate that we are going to pull up. We think its pine. I would love to know how you handled the floor before you applied the paint. Did you have to do anything to the open joints between the boards?

I absolutely love this floor!

We painted our hardwood floors, which are too thin to be sanded, solid white. I was very much a Rachel Ashwell shabby chic enthusiast and painted everything in whites. The floors looked GREAT for several years, but time took its toll. I felt the desire to redesign the whole house. I wondered if we could re-paint the floors, but was uninspired; difficult to handle being an artist. I couldnt even think of a color, then I found Design*Sponge, and was flooded with amazing ideas! Thank you SO much for featuring these incredible projects, tips, and others comments! I believe that with the help of a brand-new friend, a professional designer, my floors will look great once again!

It looks amazing.

The flooring design definitely made the room sunny and bright. Getting to the original floor was probably a challenging task but the outcome is definitely fulfilling. Ive been wanting to do the same thing but I lack time. I instead hired a flooring Houston pro to do the job for me but hopefully I can do this with my childrens room next summer.

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