Bathroom Tile Trends eHow

Bathroom Tile Trends eHow

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles offer depth and sparkle that ceramic or natural tiles cannot. They come in a broad selection of colors. Glass accent tiles create backsplashes, shower walls and accents on floors. Glass tiles fit almost any design scheme, because they come in finishes ranging from glossy to flat. Covering an entire bathroom wall with glass tiles creates a spa atmosphere. Environmentally conscious consumers can choose tiles made from recycled glass.

Natural Stone

Designers commonly include natural stone tiles into bathroom design because of their durability, resistance to stain and the wide variety of colors and finishes. Designers find slate to be a very durable stone that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Rough texture gives it a non-slippery quality that fits a bathroom well. Marble has a dramatic color and surface. The high polish shine gives it a sleek look for bathroom design. Homeowners commonly choose granite tiles for use in the bathroom because of its resistance to stain and scratching. River rock floor tiles create an organic look that complements many bathroom designs. River rocks come attached to mesh sheets for easy installation.

Ceramic Tiles

Designers continue to use ceramic tiles in bathroom design. Many home designers prefer it for its ease of maintenance, durability and cost factors. Use ceramic tile to design backsplashes, mural, counter tops and walls. Ceramic tiles come in a vast selection of sizes, textures and colors. Combine ceramic tiles with glass or metal tile, or a mosaic inlay to achieve a custom look that is right on trend.

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