Antislip Floor Non Slip Flooring Splashpad Non Slip Floors Flexflooring

Antislip Floor Non Slip Flooring Splashpad Non Slip Floors Flexflooring

Welcome to FLEXSplash

Safety Flooring for Splash Pads, Spray Parks and Interactive Water features

FlexFlooring Ltd offers the perfect solution for those looking for a safe, stylish and seamless surface for splash pads, spray parks and paddling pools.  Our brightly coloured non-slip floors compliment interactive water features perfectly and crucially provide a safe environment for children to play on. Our anti-slip surfaces are specifically designed to reduce the incidence of wet/slip accidents and conform to the PWTAG advisory guidelines; the key guideline states that the surface used must be anti-slip and resistant to the chemicals used in these environments. We have an experienced team of in-house  installation technicians who will install the  non slip flooring.

We have over 10 years experience of installing non-slip safety surfacing for Splash pads and spray parks, both privately and publicly funded and have created the perfect product for these high traffic areas.  Rubbaflex SPLASH is a unique blend of EPDM granules of varying sizes which create a strong breathable surface that can deal with the rigours of high foot traffic, as well as performing well even when in continual contact with chlorinated water.

Our two products are

Which product is right for you?

The two products used in this environment, both offering good anti slip properties are Rubbaflex and UltraTuff (or Mflex), there are a few key differences:

  1. Rubbaflex non-slip floor primarily consists of a rubber granule bound with a resin, UltraTUFF™ (or Mflex) is a paint which incorporates a rubber crumb.
  2. UltraTUFF™ (or Mflex) is a paint which is installed using a spray gun (we recommend 2 coats for most installations), Rubbaflex Pool Surround is hand trowelled to a depth of 6mm.
  3. Rubbaflex non-slip floor allows you to mix different coloured granules together or add a colour fleck, whereas UltraTUFF™ (or Mflex) comes in single colours.
  4. Antislip Floor Non Slip Flooring Splashpad Non Slip Floors Flexflooring
  5. UltraTUFF™ (or Mflex) has a finish that is slightly textured and the finish of Rubbaflex is completely smooth.
  6. Rubbaflex anti-slip floor is a porous surface, which can allow water to flow through it, UltraTUFF™  (or Mflex) is completely non-porous and so is great for changing rooms and other semi-wet areas.
  7. UltraTUFF™ (Or Mflex) can be used underwater, for example as an internal pool finish.

Useful information for us to know

Should you require a quote or be interested in getting a ballpark cost, it would be helpful if you know the answers to the following questions when you get in touch:

  • What is the approx area of your installation in m²?
  • What is the geographic location of the site?
  • Is your installation indoors or outside?
  • Is your installation a new build or refurbishment?
  • Is your installation a splash pad, spray park or something else (e.g. pathways, steps etc.)?
  • What surface will we be installing onto?
  • Will your installation be continually underwater, a wet area or semi wet area?
  • What colours would you like – single colours or mixed colour?
  • What finish would you like, completely smooth or textured?

What else you can do to help a smooth installation?

Surface Preparation

Key to any successful installation is the preparation of the substrate and we offer a full surface preparation service to get the best non slip flooring.  We are therefore happy to provide you with a cost for surface preparation and undertake this aspect of the project to provide you with the best non slip floor.

Our own experience has shown that the correct preparation can significantly increase the life of our Rubbaflex Splash surface for and given the large investment required for any splash pad installation, we only install onto surfaces prepared to our specification:

  • New concrete that has been fully cured for a minimum of 21-28 days in normal conditions. (Contact us for full concrete specification)
  • Existing concrete: Subject to site visit and dependent on previous surface finish.

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