Recycled Wine Corks For Eco-friendly Penny Tile Flooring Find and Submit Articles Directory

Recycled Wine Corks For Eco-friendly Penny Tile Flooring Find and Submit Articles Directory

Recycled Wine Corks For Eco-friendly Penny Tile Flooring

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Penny tiles are very popular look for interior flooring and can be used to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, pools, and other wet areas. Penny tiles are meant to make a decorating statement, and the visual effect is one of classic beauty. While ceramic and glass are often used to make tiles, these beautiful penny tiles and these actually cut from recycled wine corks.

The recycled tiles take advantage of cork’s natural resiliency and water resistance to create a stylish low- impact flooring material. These tiles are made by cutting the old wine corks into circular discs about 6mm (1/4”) thick and glued on a special paper backing to form attractive and unique mosaic patterns.

The material is adhered to the subfloor and grouted like tile, and then covered with urethane, like other kinds of cork flooring. Cork penny tiles are one of a number of reuse applications for corks. These tiles are stylish and eco- friendly which is made from recycled wine corks. Penny tiles offer an authentic historical style and were popular decorating choice in early 20th century homes.

The style of penny tile is making renaissance in today’s decorating choices, especially with homeowners who desire an authentic, retro look in kitchen or bathroom areas. You can choose a classic palette of color, or a contemporary spectrum to reflect today’s exposure.

Here you can with the advantages in choosing the cork penny tiles to your warm looking home

- Advantages of Cork Penny tiles

• It is an excellent insulator and sound absorber, hygienic, anti- allergic, water resistant.

• It doesn’t entrap dirt or fungi, won’t chip like ceramic.

• Ease of maintenance and installation.

• Environmental natural flooring.

• Comfort underfoot.

• Helps in reducing of aches like hips, knees, feet and back.

• Excellent indentation recovery.

• Wide selection of patterns, colors, and designs.

• It looks new after ages with little care.

• Inexpensive than other trendy flooring materials. Protection-

You may protect your floor by taking the following precautions:

Recycled Wine Corks For Eco-friendly Penny Tile Flooring Find and Submit Articles Directory

• To eliminate fine particles of grime on your floor, vacuum or sweep as needed.

• Spills should be wiped up immediately.

• Use walk-off mats at entrance doors and in front of kitchen sink and avoid using of rubber backed or other non-ventilated mats or rugs to prevent local premature wear.

• Install proper protectors under feet of furniture. Furniture will require different types of protectors in order to achieve maximum weight distribution.

• Protective mats should be used under office chairs.

• Periodically check floor for signs of wear.

Never use tape or other adhesive products on an acrylic surface. Disadvantages of Cork Penny tiles

- Cork Penny tiles can offer you some great benefits, but there are also some limitations on its use.

• It can be stained by oil, dirt and spills if not protected appropriately.

• Sharp objects can scatter or damage cork penny flooring surfaces.

In general with these advantages and disadvantages of penny Tile Flooring is cost effective, with many colors and designs. You might think that penny tile walls would be difficult to clean, but they really aren’t. The tiles are naturally shiny and the colors are extremely suitable for any room where water is used so often. To know more info about flooring and for top quality installation services click here.

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