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Radiant Engineering

Engineers — Not Experimenters

Learning to stay warm! Northern Rocky Mountain Report

Radiant Engineering offers a unique combination of textbook mechanical engineering and modern design practice with practical real world professional hands-on practice. We build what we design and we service what we build. We offer professional design and engineering in addition to custom equipment fabrication.

In a modern world of technological change we recognize the difference between experimentation and tried and true methods of delivering proven results. We offer preselected and optimized equipment packages appropriate to particular applications. Our specialty is to custom design and size selected components of these equipment packages around particular projects in particular locales that fit the application. We don’t think that any one technique is necessarily appropriate for all applications or all architecture. We don’t think that heating and conditioning systems can or should be applied to buildings like appliances. We design mechanical rooms and package mechanical equipment and appropriate mechanical designs for buildings on a custom basis.


We specialize in hydronic heating and hydronic distribution systems. Hydronics allow for choice of energy sources for heating and cooling, versatility in the selection of distribution equipment, low energy consumption and low heat loss related to space heating distribution, and zoning to address diversity in building designs and uses. Use of hydronics gives us the ability to address diverse heating applications such as domestic water or snow and ice removal with the same heating equipment. Even small residential systems that may predominantly use forced air for heating distribution and air conditioning can benefit from a hydronic heat source such as a high efficiency boiler that also provides domestic water heating. Radiant Engineering manufactures our patented ThermoFin heat transfer plates. ThermoFin extruded aluminum heat transfer plates increase the efficiency of radiant heating systems. The thermal mass of the plate and the firm grip of the tubing that transfers heat from the hydronic fluid into the plate, make ThermoFin more energy efficient than tubing alone or other metal plate or board systems. We will send free samples of ThermoFin to you. Simply send a request with the form on our contact page.

Though we promote radiant floor heating systems as ideal in many applications, we often design other hydronic components into projects. We find that mixing and matching components typically produces the most appropriate design for a given application. These components can include panel radiators. hot water baseboard, and a variety of fan coil units to create heated or conditioned air directly. Fan coils can be centrally ducted or located in specific zones. They can incorporate hot water coils, chilled water coils or direct expansion coils as the project may require.

Energy Efficiency and Appropriate Application

We offer equipment packages and energy solutions appropriate for diverse applications. We address a range of residential applications. These can include designs for a range of project types which can include new, ultra high efficiency homes to mechanical systems more appropriate to retro-fit for existing homes and buildings. Commercial applications range from multi-use commercial buildings, to air-craft hangers, & commercial snow-melting. We specialize in finding appropriate retro-fit measures for existing buildings and challenging applications.

Radiant Engineering

Our engineering background and focus on design is biased to select the simplest and most economically rewarding energy solution for a given application. On behalf of our clients, economic considerations drive our design work. We think that individual energy consumers can have the most environmental impact by making wise energy investments on their own behalf.

Been there! Over Thirty Years Of Testing and Learning

We recognize that the point of design and engineering is to provide function while preventing failure and our service work has always informed our design work. The functionality and reliability of our finished mechanical systems have evolved and improved as a result. Our climate in Montana is a proven testing ground for heating equipment and we are unavoidably students of failure. As a result we have learned a great deal over our 30 years in business and we take a conservative attitude toward what works and what doesn’t .

Custom Designs Using the World’s Best Equipment

In our mechanical system designs and fabrications, we work to select the best and most appropriate component products that the world has to offer. We select manufacturers that provide the most appropriate technology as well as the best products and customer support. In consultation with the owners and other designers and contractors, Radiant Engineering sizes, specifies, and then builds these component selections into an appropriate system design for the project.

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