Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Tips And How-To How To Make & Do Everything!

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Norman Hudecz: Did you use spacers? Are these click tile?

Rob Woods: Great video! Thanks.

auntjojo1980: nice!

Floors To Your Home (.com): For those reading Mr. Mullins’ advice, YouTube flips the comments, so read the one below this first.

terrydavidmullins: Put that on the center of the wall. Mark both ends that distance. Do that on both parallel walls, connect the outside marks. You have two lines on the outside edges that are parallel. Same width both ends. Leaving half of partial tile or plank you would have had now at both edges. it’s two cuts instead of one, but the planks or tile or whatever will be running with the room and not running off at the angle to just one of the wall. And it will be centered and not half a tile or plank at one edge.

Floors To Your Home (.com): Hey folks, YouTube is broken today, and instead of posting Terry’s reply, they replosted his first comment. Here’s what I have of what he really wrote: «Your right, it would be less than half a plank, just by the nature of the process. I’m glad you got it. It’s kind of hard to explain and easier to show. But you got it. And although it won’t work so well for the planks. You could still. » and YouTube has obliterated the rest! Sorry all, sorry Terry, and thanks for your great tip!

Scotia72M: Is this karndean looselay?

sheralda moore: I have vinyl sheeting on my floor, can I lay these planks over the vinyl sheeting?

TropicalFishAuction: I am going to try this.

Floors To Your Home (.com): It is loose lay, but not the Karndean brand.

Floors To Your Home (.com): Sure can! The floor still needs to be level underneath the planks, but vinyl sheeting rarely causes extra fluctuations in a subfloor’s levelness.

drjasonjcampbell: perfect instructions. thanks!!

Floors To Your Home (.com): Kids, this floor is specifically designed for the loose lay method. The material does not expand or contract with the standard conditions that affect most other floors, including many vinyls. That’s very important. The planks are also cut to meet very snug on the surface, where the tops meet. You would not want to use this method with just any vinyl planks. Our loose lay is designed to be able to go over some existing floors, so check the specific instructions, but over cork should work.

Floors To Your Home (.com): This is a specifically designed product, not a new method to use on any vinyl. With these, each plank is cut such that the tops meet snug, the backing has a gripping surface, and the material does not shrink or swell with environmental changes. You only want to install vinyl this way if it is a real Loose Lay product. Going over cork, as long as it’s very level, no more that 3/8″ variance over any 10 foot span, Loose Lay or Click Together should work great for you.

Mwingun: I have watched numerous videos on this product and this by far was the most beneficial! I was concerned about the starting place in reference from the wall due the fact that there is excessive space between the floor and my baseboards. I knew it would not be sqaure by placing the pieces under the baseboards and I was unsure what to do it that situation. I certainly did not realize that an adhesive was necessary in my situation. Thank you for the excellent instruction! Back to Home Depot. again

terrydavidmullins: Nobody ever tells about what a tile buddy of mine showed me. Which is; Measure each wall and mark the center. Connect the parallel wall centers with a line. Making a large plus sign in the exact middle of the floor. Now figure the maximum number of WHOLE tiles or planks or what ever flooring you can fit in the shortest wall. Be sure to include grout lines if applicable. Now put half that distance (the distance of all the whole flooring pieces plus grout or just the plank width / 2)

LockhartRiverKids: Can you do this with plain vinyl flooring or is this a particular product that doesn’t need glue or adhesive strips? I want to lay vinyl planks over cork, so I can but it against the existing skirting board

Floors To Your Home (.com): If I’ve followed correctly in my head, I like your idea, ending up with even partial planks on both sides of the room. I was going to add that you usually don’t want to end up with less than half the width of any plank going down, so if your measurements showed you that only 1/3 of a plank would be on the borders, you might go ahead and start flush, ending with a 2/3 width of plank final row. But really, you can just glue those down anyway, so if they’re small, use an adhesive! Thanks, Terry!


Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Tips and How-To 4.4 out of 5

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