Kitchen Flooring Reviews Trends In Flooring

Kitchen Flooring Reviews Trends In Flooring

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

trends | On 14, Jun 2012

The kitchen has hands down become the heart of the home. A place to cook, congregate, and chat with family and friends, the kitchen has expended to new levels. With that, you are going to need a floor that meets all your needs. With unpredictable occurrences in the kitchen, flooring that can handle spills, scuffs, and traffic is always best. If it can’t handle the heat, it should probably stay out of the kitchen.

Whether it’s engineered or solid, hardwood flooring is perfectly fine in the kitchen. Many manufactures recognize homeowners desire to achieve a continuous floor throughout the home, even in the kitchen. With that, many collections have been built to withstand the tough messes that come with the kitchen. However, water cannot sit for long periods of time. Therefore, the addition of kitchen wood flooring does require constant attentiveness. For versatile styles, Anderson Hardwood flooring is a leading manufacture offering an extensive selection of various styles perfect for the kitchen.

Built to withstand everything the home can throw at it, kitchen laminate floors exceed all expectations. Less expensive and great for DIY projects due to easy installations, laminates express the beauty of highly sought-after materials such as hardwood, tile, and stone in far more durable formatting. Many laminate collections are designed to withstand scuffs, stains, dents, fading, wearing, and moisture, making kitchen laminate flooring a practical and affordable choice. Pioneers of laminate flooring,Pergo offers exceptional durability with an extensive choice of finishes offering looks of both hardwood and stone flooring.

Pergo Accolade Laminate

Kitchen Flooring Reviews Trends In Flooring

The buzz word is luxury vinyl tile. which encompasses actual vinyl that looks like real hardwood or stone flooring. Often, it’s difficult to distinguish vinyl floors from the real deal, yet is far more affordable. Comparable to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is great for the kitchen as it exhibits stain, moisture, scratch, and wear resistances through a multi-layer construction. Amtico Vinyl is a leading manufacturer offering styles of stone, hardwood and fabric emulations along with options in every color of the rainbow for endless design possibilities.

Kitchen cork flooring is not always a common sight, but due to cork flooring’s increasing popularity, it is being applied to every square inch of the home and it’s no wonder why. Cork, composed of harvested tree bark, offers alternatives to sustainable flooring with inherent abilities to fight against water, mold, and fire. Likewise, cork flooring is naturally durable yet soft underfoot, perfect for those long evenings cooking in the kitchen. Catering to all styles, Wicanders Cork reveals the most distinct flooring appearance with looks resembling hardwood, iconic cork board styles, and sleek looks, all perfect for the kitchen.

Similar to cork flooring, bamboo is inherently resilient and said to be more durable than oak hardwood flooring. With that, bamboo flooring offers a stylish, exotic flair with a high-class sophistication. Like cork, bamboo is a sustainable resource due its ability to be harvested without damaging any root systems. Kitchen bamboo flooring is great for its inherent strength, but is also widely known for its ability to repel water due to its naturally tight fiber composition. Like hardwood, however, it does require upkeep from stains and wearing.

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