In-Floor Heating Systems for Homes in the Minneapolis — St. Paul Area

In-Floor Heating Systems for Homes in the Minneapolis - St. Paul Area

In-Floor Heating Systems for Your Home

Also called radiant floors, in-floor heating provides comfort and efficiency for Minneapolis St.Paul and surrounding suburbs. These systems are becoming more popular in the Twin Cities metro area for many reasons.

When remodeling, it provides a cost effective, easy to install solution to heating a new or updated room, as there is no need to run more duct work or expand your furnace. If you only need to heat one room in your home (for example, your bedroom), you can simply turn on the thermostat, instead of running your primary heating source. Because of this, Radiant Floor heating is also a greener alternative, as it cuts down on energy consumption. But the biggest benefit of all is comfort; instead of stepping on cold tiles or walking into a cold room, your feet will always find a comforting heated floor, providing a high level of comfort.

Call Standard Heating & Air Conditioning today! We stand behind all our work. Our knowledgeable sales consultants will offer you what will make sense for you at a reasonable price. We take pride in not selling something that you may no need. But dont buy what we say at face value. Take a look at our most recent testimonials!

Here is the List of Benefits

  • Comfort
  • Efficiency*
  • Clean Air
  • Soundless systems
  • Space Saver
  • In-Floor Heating Systems for Homes in the Minneapolis - St. Paul Area

*Radiant floor heating is the most efficient mode of heat delivery. Radiant Floor heating can save you anywhere from a small amount to a small fortune, depending on how much you use it. By setting the system at a lower temperature homeowners can save 20% 40% of what they would spend with forced air systems. Running one floor mat for floor heater uses the equivalent energy of a standard light bulb (so if your floor space is heated by three floor mats, its the same as three light bulbs).Lastly. since you can heat only the rooms you want with floor heater, theres no need to run that energy intensive system in your home after you have installed Radiant Floor heating.

Why to Choose Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

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Nobody in Minneapolis St. Paul can address your radiant heat needs like Standard Heating & Air Conditioning! We are the leading independent contractor in the Twin Cities due to our expertise and care. Smart shoppers choose the professionalism and care that a radiant heat professional can provide.

Choosing the right provider to assist your family can be tough and we dont take that lightly. When you select Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, we will reassure you that you made the right choice by providing you the care of a family expert and the professionalism of the leading interdependent contractor of the Twin Cities. Fill out the form to schedule an appointment and we will contact you right away!

Radiant Under-Floor Heating can Be Used on all Types of Finished Floors

Radiant heat can be used to heat any type of floor that can withstand temperatures to 80 degrees. Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has years of experience installing in-floor heating under tile, wood, concrete, carpet, and more. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in both the installation and servicing of radiant floor heating systems. From our family to yours since 1930.

The In-Floor Radiant Heating Experts in Minneapolis And St. Paul

What would it take for you to find the best in-floor radiant heating experts? Close your eyes, and think for a second. Does it make sense? Trust Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Our expert home heating technicians will review your project and size equipment that is appropriate to your needs. Our experienced crew will get your system working and have it operating at maximum efficiency to deliver comfort and energy savings. Whether you want in-floor heating installed in one room, one floor, or throughout your entire home, we offer free installation quotes for your project. That means that you would know in advance what you will pay for the project!

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