How to Paint Wood Floors Tips and Ideas Flooring hunter

How to Paint Wood Floors Tips and Ideas Flooring hunter

How to Paint Wood Floors: Tips and Ideas

In our last post we gave you floor painting essentials. Today we continue with some tips and ideas you can use as a DIY project for decorating your homes.

In order to prepare your floors for painting, we cannot overemphasize the importance of knowing the flooring material you already have, having them repaired and evened out before paint application and more importantly, having the right paint on hand.

Now these things are easy compared to the daunting task of answering this single question: how do I paint my floors what colors to pick and designs to choose? Calm down and keep reading, we have some tips and ideas for you!

Tips for Painting Wood Floors

As we mentioned before, painting wood floors is nothing new. If your floors are damaged or downright unsightly, then painting them is one quick cheap, wise and trendy solution. There are simple steps in painting wood floors:

Clear it up and clean it up. Be sure to remove old finish or paint by sanding thoroughly then Vacuum, sweep and mop off all the dust and other residue from the  surface that you want to paint.

Its time to prime. Oh yeah, contrary to some beliefs, its okay to apply primer on the surface you want to paint to that the paint will stick longer. Be sure to get the appropriate primer for your floor. Let it dry completely before applying a coat of color.

First coat. In laying the first coat, you might want to use a brush instead of a roller on the edges, especially if you are painting patterns or designs since it is easier to control as brush. Let the first coat dry and if you have a sander and grit paper handy, it would be wise to pass a medium to light sanding on the first coat to even out any other visible imperfections on the floor. Again, clean and clear up dust before applying the next coat of paint on the wood floors.

Add more color. After initial sanding is done, go ahead and add more coats to your flooring, 2 to 4 is commonly advised depending on the surface you are painting, of course. Let it dry, this might take up to 24 hours or longer. It all depends on the thickness of the paint applied and the weather. Be sure to paint during the summer or when its hot and dry in general.

Finish it off. Be sure to add some protective coating on top of your beautiful paint to make sure you help it last a long time. A finish protects the color from exposure to the elements and wear and tear of everyday use.

How to Paint Wood Floors Tips and Ideas Flooring hunter

Calm and cure. Remember that while applied paint on floors can dry up in 24 hours or less, curing can take up to 4 weeks. So until such time that the paint has completely cured, its best to take extra care of your painted wood floors and avoid dragging in heavy or pointed objects to prevent scratching.

Ideas for Painting Wood Floors

Stencil a pattern. This is one low-cost floor painting project DIY enthusiasts will surely love. This can cost about $150 more or less, depends on the size of the room you want to paint, some creativity and a whole lot of patience. What you’ll need is a base shade, a stencil pattern and a top coat or seal.

Safe in stripes. If patterns are not quite your thing and hand painting the stencil design can eat up plenty of time and energy you might want to try painting your wood floors in stripes or checkerboards

Parquet along the way. Another great way to paint with stencils is to create a parquet design by using different shapes. In this case squares and circles in painting the floor.

Classic Bright. Here’s one classy and rustic approach to painting wood floors to make it more authentic, use the traditional approach and paint them white!

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