Heated Floor Mats

Heated Floor Mats

Heated Floor Mats

Purchasing an electric heated floor mat is a great way to keep your legs and feet warm during those cold nights where you find yourself shivering because of the temperature. In my opinion, one of the biggest advantages to these is that theyre portable; going to be a cold day in the office? Not if you buy an electric heat mat! Here are some tips to help you get the best product for your price range. There are numerous variables to consider

At first glance, the thought of buying an electric heat mat seems a bit daunting and expensive, however, you can actually get some for under a hundred pounds. All you need to do is shop round, Ill be doing this for you!  Depending on which brand and type you choose, they are typically made with heavy duty rubber so they are built to be durable and reliable. If the mat you are thinking of buying doesnt have this simple design feature, you should stay away rubber top layers ensure that the unit is completely waterproof as they use electricity to generate heat.

Another great feature of most  electric heat mats is the fact you can control the temperature so be sure to look out for this feature (I usually have mine on the highest setting at all times anyway!). Whats nice about these mats is that they have so many different applications and dont just warm up your feet; put your gloves or boots on them before going for a walk, dry gloves or boots when you come in, warm your feet and legs up after a long days work.

Here is the heat mat I use on a daily basis. I find it does the job perfectly, no need for all bells and whistles when all you want to do is warm up! This one is completely waterproof as well which makes it perfect for not only yourself, but for pets and even plants/organisms that requite heat. The features are:

  • 500 x 300 x 4 mm (nice and slim)
  • 30 W
  • 230 V/50 Hz
  • Green
  • 40 50 C
  • Heated Floor Mats

Not sure if you can call this a use as such, but one of my favourite applications for heat mats  is to let the cat sleep on. I found he was forever trying to nap in all the places I didnt want him to I.E. on my bed and in my kitchen cupboards for example! If you have a cat (or several) around the house, then they can lie down on it as well so they can snuggle up to a mat that is heated for them.

This particular bed people seem to be raving about. If youre the kind of person who likes to treat your pet, this should definitely be on your to-buy list. Features include:

  • Internal Thermostat
  • rectangular shape with amazing paw print design
  • Robust design this can be left on all the time
  • 1.8m (6ft) of cable.
  • 400mm inside measurement. (20 / 16). 160mm tall (6)
  • 50 Watts

Another factor to consider is where you plan on placing these as this will determine the size that you will end up purchasing. These heated mats are actually pretty efficient and on the whole they do not use a whole lot of energy. I bought my first one, then soon wanted another as the rest of my family (including jaffa the cat) discovered how great it was.

A good mat for every day use for both practicality and function is definitely this  from amazon.

At under £100 its an absolute must buy. Theyre going fast though due to the cold spell were going through so youll need to act fast. Specification as follows:

  • Quickwarm underfloor heating mats are an economical way of heating a room.
  • The mat cables are 3mm in diameter constructed secrurly on to a 500mm wide nylon mesh.
  • Mats come with a 10year manufactures warranty.

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