Eco Friendly Floors BGreenz

Eco Friendly Floors BGreenz

Eco Friendly Floors

Building a house with great effort should be cost effective and environment friendly. Choosing the floor is one of the main criteria in building a house.Eco-friendly floors are rapidly gaining in popularity. When you see some of the choices that are available today, you may have a better understanding of why these green choices are becoming so popular.

Eco Friendly Floor Samples

As you choose new flooring for you home, dont forget to consider the environment. For many years, carpeting was the floor covering of choice for many people, but its known now that carpet has some serious issues.

One of the major issues is off-gassing, which is what happens when vapors from the glue used to lay it enter the air in your home. Its also now known that carpet is a safe haven for allergens, dust mites, and pet dander. If youve ever seen water thats been used to clean a carpet, you might think twice about using it in your home!

Some traditionally used hard floor coverings are concerning as well. As concern about the environment grows, hardwood becomes less popular because of the trees required to create it. Raised concern over the future of natural resources has many people thinking twice about marble and travertine flooring as well.

Some manufactured flooring, including vinyl, is just plain bad for the environment and the chemicals it lets off during and after installation are harmful to the occupants of a home.

Thankfully, there are many other alternatives on the market today! Consider the following eco friendly flooring options before making a choice about new flooring in your home. Green Living Made Easy has information on all of them.

Cork Flooring

Probably the most sought after eco friendly flooring on the market right now, cork flooring is great for a number of reasons. First of all, its extremely green. Its also attractive, moderately priced, and easy to install.

If you are interested in Cork Flooring for you home, be sure to take a look at our page dedicated to cork. Youll learn how its made, what it costs, the different options available, and even get some installation tips.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an extremely renewable material thats now being used to make all sorts of things, ranging from sheets to clothing, and counter tops to flooring. We love bamboo because its strong, its eco friendly, and it looks great. If you are considering bamboo as a flooring option, there are some items that you should take into consideration. Well explain them all in our section dedicated to Bamboo Flooring.

Recycled Glass Tiles

If you want something different in a bathroom or kitchen, tile floors made from recycled glass may be a perfect choice for you. Check out our Recycled Glass Tile flooring section to learn more about this great option, including information about where to buy it and what it will cost you.

Concrete Flooring

Another popular flooring option today is concrete. Until people realize how pretty concrete can be when stained or colored, they often think that its a tacky choice. However concrete has lots of benefits its extremely cheap if its installed when your house is built. It can also help to cut down on heating and cooling costs as it absorbs the heat of the sun and releases it when needed.

Eco Friendly Floors BGreenz

Wool Carpeting

For people who just have to have carpet, wool remains the best option on the market today. Its far more eco friendly than any other carpet and it has the added benefit of lasting much longer. Its definitely more expensive than most other carpet on the market, but the increased cost is well worth it over the life of the flooring.


You may have forgotten about linoleum back in the 70s, but its actually an extremely eco friendly floor option. A great choice for a playroom, bathroom, or office area, this flooring is biodegradable and very environmentally friendly.

Recycled Metal Flooring

want something fun and different, recycled metal tile may be perfect for you. It looks great in homes with a contemporary flavor and its definitely an eco friendly floor option.

Reclaimed And Sustainable Hardwood

If you love hardwood and just have to have it, you may want to consider reclaimed wood or wood thats been grown in a managed forest. Both options are greener than some other hardwood alternatives and can allow you to enjoy the beauty of hardwood without the concern that you may be harming the environment.

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