Decorating your Bathroom with Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile — Bathroom Decorating

Decorating your Bathroom with Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile - Bathroom Decorating

Decorating your Bathroom with Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile

If you’re feeling like your bathroom is long overdue for an update or remodeling, don’t feel overwhelmed. There are several things you can do to modernize your bathroom, without spending a lot of money or having an expert come in to do the work. One easy bathroom renovation is laying down peel and stick vinyl tile. This is a cheap bathroom decorating technique that you can do without any assistance. In this article, we’ll walk you through it step by step. You can go from this paragraph to new bathroom floor in only a couple of days!

Step 1: Scouting the Job

Like any other do-it-yourself job, the first step is to be very prepared. Take good measurements and draw yourself a scale plan. To draw a scale plan, you must either use graphing paper or draw lines across your paper to make 1/2 inch squares all over the paper. Then, using a scale of 1 foot = 1/2 inch, draw your bathroom on the page.

This may already seem like a lot of work to you, but when it comes to bathroom decorating, you’re better safe than sorry. When you have drawn a scale plan of your bathroom, you can use it to figure out exactly how many tiles you’ll need. Most peel and stick vinyl tile comes in 12×12 inch squares. Figure out how many tiles it will take to cover your bathroom floor, then add a few extra just in case any tiles crack or are otherwise damaged.

Step 2: Buying the Tiles

Once you have the number of tiles you’ll need figured out, you can head to your favorite hardware store to make the purchase (or order online if you don’t mind paying for the shipping). Any of the major hardware stores carry peel and stick vinyl tile. Your choice will depend on style and how much money you have in your budget. Just remember that cheaper tile will break more easily and perhaps not last as long, although there are plenty of cheap tiles that may last you ten years.

There are other things that you may need to buy at the hardware store; some are optional. You will need to be working with a clean and flat surface when you lay the tile. Thus, you may need cleaners and/or sandpaper to accomplish this. Additionally, some tile manufacturers may recommend that you prime the floor before laying the tiles. A primer will seal the pores of the floor you are laying the tile on, creating a better surface for the tiles to adhere to. Primer is not necessary, but is recommended.

Step 3: Preparing the Floor

After you’re done with shopping, your next step will be to begin preparing the floor. As mentioned above, the floor needs to be very clean. Take the time to scrub it, removing any debris, grease, or dirt that might keep the tiles from adhering properly.

Inspect the floor, looking for any areas where it is uneven. If there are any nails protruding, you’ll need to remove them. If necessary, you can sand down any small bumps using the sandpaper you bought at the hardware store. Your goal at the end of this step is to have a clean and smooth floor to lay your tiles on.

If you bought primer, now is the time to use it. Follow the manufacturer’s directions. They will usually tell you to use two coats: one diluted with water and then one with the concentrated product. You apply the primer just like paint; with a floor it’s easiest to use a long-handled roller.

Decorating your Bathroom with Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile - Bathroom Decorating

Step 4: Lay your Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile

Now comes the fun part! You should start in the center of the room. You can figure out where this is using your scale plan (or by snapping two chalk lines from the corners of the room if you have them). Lay out some tiles without applying them to reach the walls. If there are tiles that you will need to cut, you should try to make them half a tile wide or more. If it doesn’t look like this will be the case, adjust your starting point.

Now, just begin peeling and sticking! The hard part is over. When you peel the back from the tile, place it on the floor then firmly press it down. When you lay subsequent tiles, just make sure they are flush with the pieces you have already laid.

Step 5: Admire your work!

Once you’ve gotten to step 4, it’s smooth sailing to a successful bathroom decorating effort. Step back and admire your new peel and stick vinyl tile!

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