Concrete Driveways Installation – Color, Designs, Ideas & Pictures – Eminent Construction

Concrete Driveways Installation – Color, Designs, Ideas & Pictures – Eminent Construction


We are providing concrete walkways, Stain Concrete. concrete driveways, concrete patios as well as concrete sealers designed to ensure durability. Furthermore, you will find our concrete prices to be reasonable.

Why Concrete Driveway Is Among Many Homeowners Popular Choice?

Are you planning to improve your home’s curb appeal? Work up your imagination and add zest to an otherwise dull driveway or patio. One of the most exciting innovations you can do for your home is to add a concrete driveway and/or concrete patio.

The idea behind every durable concrete driveway or patio is the high standard of quality in creating the concrete mix at the same time preparing well the sub-grade concrete. The reinforcement and final finishing touches should also be executed properly taking into good consideration good quality workmanship. When all these are done well, you can expect the driveway or patio’s condition to stay good for many years.

Today, more and more homeowners choose concrete more than any other types of materials for their driveway or patio. Concrete is increasingly popular among homeowners because of two important reasons: durability and cost efficiency.

Enjoy high durability when you have a concrete driveway installation in Los Angeles. High quality concrete can last up to 30 years or even longer, especially if done by professionals who have the experience and skills which the job requires. Unlike other driveway material like asphalt, concrete will not get sticky or like gravel which will form potholes when used every day.

A concrete driveway/patio is very cost efficient because of its long lasting quality requiring no constant replacement. A concrete driveway installation in Los Angeles will assure you that your investment will help improve your property both in value and aesthetic appearance.

Unlike other materials used for driveway or patios, concrete requires low maintenance. With this material you do not need to perform service maintenance like resurfacing and re-sealing. Clearing the driveway made from concrete is easy and convenient.

Finally, a concrete driveway/patio utilizes materials which are environment friendly. Materials used to produce concrete come from renewable resources and which can be made from recycled materials. Enjoy a visually appealing and safe non-skid driveway using concrete.

What is concrete driveway?

A concrete driveway is the driveway path outside or exterior of your house, made by the combination of cement and water. This develops the appearance of house and it is permanent, long lasting & low maintenance additions to your home. A best quality concrete driveway would last 25 to 40 years without much maintenance. A concrete driveway should be of minimum 4 to 6 inches. Concrete Driveways are very easy to clean and it protects the surface from chemical absorption. Concrete is durable and favored material especially for driveways and walkways which costs less than other materials.

A concrete driveway should start from eliminating the grass from the surface and then start the work of concreting or cementing the ground. Concrete Driveways are the permanent addition for your house; it makes our house look good. We can apply paint to seal and make it attractive one.

How to clean concrete driveway?

Cleaning the concrete driveway is easier than other driveways. Follow the steps below for cleaning concrete driveways –

1. Firstly, You should clean the driveway area through a patio broom. Yes, we can also vacuum the concrete.

2. Now it is time to wash the area through water to remove the hidden dust particles. You can use some liquid or solid floor washing powder or bar to remove the stain.

3. Use pump to spread water on the floor, Pressure washing is a great way to wash the concrete floor properly and it removes stains quickly.

4. Sometimes, stains like motor oil, grease etc is not easy to remove. Pour some muriatic acid on to the obstinate stains and scrub it with the broom, then spray some water with pressure on it.

How to seal a concrete driveway?

Sealing of a concrete driveway is less expensive and is not much time consuming process. You don’t need to spend much cost to seal concrete driveways. Sealing is must because water is the main offender of breaking the concrete into parts. Sealing the concrete protects it from water and some chemical liquids.

Our team applies the sealers on the surface of concrete driveways through rollers and sprayers. This is the most commonly known techniques of applying the sealers. There are some other methods too like polyurethanes, epoxies and penetrating resins. Those are a little expensive than other methods. Once the driveway becomes sealed, it requires some regular maintenance. Clean your concrete driveway regularly after it makes the seal long lasting.

How to install concrete driveway?

A driveway is the area which has visited first by the people, so it has to look attractive one from other houses. Before installing concrete driveways, make sure that it should be durable and long lasting. Choosing the material to install concrete driveways is a tough task as it affects cost. Concrete is the most durable material for installing driveways, walkways or other exterior area of your house.

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