Classic Concrete Staining Texas

Classic Concrete Staining Texas

Classic Concrete Staining

Yes! There is a difference between stained concrete and POLISHED concrete. If you want a floor that is low maintenance and stays beautiful year after year then you definitely want POLISHED concrete. Polishing the concrete exposes the natural character and marbling and gives the floor a natural luster without the use of hazardous chemical coatings like urethanes, acrylics, and epoxies. This means absolutely no scratching, chipping, bubbling, flaking, peeling, fading or discoloration. Now some contractors may come in and sand the concrete down and say they polished it. This is not the same as diamond polishing a floor. We specialize in diamond polishing and will spend the time to make sure it is done right. There are several contractors that will spend thousands of dollars on machines so that they can polish concrete. Well, nomatter how much you spend on a machine, if you dont know how to polish a floor, you can destroy someones concrete slab in minutes. Every pour of concrete is different, some hard, some soft. If you put to aggressive a diamond or too heavy a machine you are going to grind down the concrete to aggregate. There is a difference between polishing concrete and grinding concrete.

NEW CONSTRUCTION: As mentioned above every pour of concrete is different. If you are building a new home and can contact us before the concrete slab is poured we can work with your builder to make sure you get the best looking concrete possible. It is best if we can get started on a project right after its dried in, framing/doors/windows/roof. At that time we will polish, score, and put a protective finish on the floor to protect it until the b u ilder has completed the project. We prefer to be the last ones in and your stained and polished concrete floor will be absolutely beautiful.

DO IT YOURSELF-ERS: It may sound easy to spray stain on a floor. However we are not talking about paint. We are talking about stained and polished concrete, a 7 step process that requires 5-7 days with specialized tools. The acid manufactures and videos found on the internet make the staining process seem easy because they have to sell their product. What they cant tell you, without seeing it, is the condition of your concrete slab. Concrete mixes vary, not only in different parts of the country because of difference in materials, but also in different loads to a single slab. A slab may, or may not, change many different times from one end to the other due to variations in the cement mix, weather conditions when poured, how finished, surface hardness, porosity , etc. etc. . it goes on and on and we continue to learn new process techniques. This knowledge is only gained though experience of working on many different concrete slabs.

SEALER: Finding someone who knows how to polish and stain your floors is definitely crucial. However finding someone with the right knowledge of sealers or finish is the MOST important! You can have a beautiful polished and stained concrete floor, but if the wrong sealer is applied then you will most likely have to redo your floor within the first year. We get several of these phone calls from people who did not do their research. The trouble is, it is more expensive to go in and redo someone elses work than it is to do it from scratch.

BEWARE: DO NOT USE LACQUER, URETHANE, OR ACRYLIC FINISHES. Although they produce a high gloss shine and look great AT FIRST, they wear off and are very HIGH maintenance! The floor will scratch, scuff, turn white, must be resealed periodically, and end up being very costly in the long run! If you have to put one of these finishes on a stained floor to get a shine then you did not prep the concrete correctly.

Classic Concrete Staining Texas

If you are looking for a contractor to stain a floor, the most important thing to do is go look at their work. Many pictures of stained concrete are of jobs that have just been completed with these finishes. Ask to look at a floor that has been lived on for several months and believe me, you will get a whole different picture of what they look like, as well of the maintenance! When a stained floor is done correctly, you will not have any orange spotting, scuffing or scratches.

With our finish, besides vacuuming and occasional damp mopping, you will get years of maintenance free living. Classic Concrete Staining is your expert when it comes to stained and polished concrete floors.

We offer polished and stained concrete in Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Abilene, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, San Antonio and every other city in Texas.

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