Transforming our kitchen with vinyl black and white floor tile — the sweetest digs

transforming our kitchen with vinyl black and white floor tile

23rd January 2012

To cap off our kitchen mini-makeover (check out how we painted the cabinets and added hardware here and here ), we knew we had to do something about the floor. Enter: vinyl black and white floor tile.

Here is the before

Remember that ultra-boring beige vinyl tile? It was clean and in fine condition, but it was just so dated and dull. Since we are saving up our pennies for a major kitchen rehaul (probably wont happen for at least another year or so), we knew we wanted something super cheap and easy to install. Enter peel n stick vinyl tile. Okay, its obviously not the most glamorous of flooring options, but it can add a fun pop of colour or pattern to any room. We searched around the different options we saw tons that were earthy/gray/beige colours that were relatively nice, but I just didnt like the idea of using something that was *trying* to look like ceramic tile and so clearly wasnt. That stuff doesnt fool anybody. So when I saw the crisp white and black options at our local Rona (Canadian version of Home Depot), I was sold. They were fun and the best part? The 79 cents/tile price tag.

So we grabbed about 50 tiles (25 white and 25 black) and got to peelin and stickin. You can use a primer on your floors to ensure that they are really stuck on there, but since this is a temporary solution for us, we werent too worried. We gave our floor a good scrub and then got to work.

First step was to figure out the layout we wanted. Originally I had been thinking of the tried and true checkered pattern, but when I put it down it felt a bit too much like a diner. If these had been high end marble tiles then it probably would look great, but they are vinyl and glossy, just adding to the diner-vibe.

So I tried laying them out in a striped pattern and was quickly won over. The stripes are something a little different and definitely make the narrow room feel wider. Sold.

These tiles are so, so easy to install. Seriously, even if youve never done anything handy before, you wont have any trouble with these.

You may have to do a little cutting to fit particular spots (like around the perimeter of the room), but with a good quality utility knife, it is pretty cinchy. We cut a few that were a bit off, so we just put them aside and used them for the small bits we needed at the end.

As you can tell from my over-enthusiastic smile in the third pic, its actually pretty satisfying sticking these tiles down.

And here they are in all their glossy glory

You can see the edges between tiles a bit, especially in the white ones, but its not crazy noticeable.

Doesnt it look so much better?

The whole price tag for the floor was a mere $45. Crazy cheap, right?

And here is the whole before + after of the kitchen. Three little projects with a ton of impact, dont you think?

I am so much happier in this improved space. Its brighter, and just more fun.

This whole mini makeover was super reasonable:

  • Painting the cabinet: $0 (already owned paint and supplies)
  • Adding hardware: $150 (but remember, well be using that hardware in our future kitchen reno)
  • Re-tiling floor: $45

Grand Total: $195. Under $200! Amazing.

What about you guys? Any kitchen overhauls recently? Or maybe youve used the peel n stick tile somewhere? Do tell. 

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