The Floor Store, West Stockbridge, MA

12 Main St West Stockbridge, MA

The Floor Store has been selling and installing quality floor covering from Main Street in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts for just about thirty years. In fact, this is our thirtieth year! We’ve been «flooring people» since 1983! For our first two years, we operated above The Public Market [next door] on the second floor until we outgrew the space. When we built our building, we named it »The Phoenix Building» because it had burned down a year or two before we bought the space [some of you may remember it as »Miss Ruby’s Restaurant»].

Joe’s wife Anne has been with the store from Day One. She’s also the one that keeps us all on our toes! She has done it all at The Floor Store. For the last few years, she has worked full time at Riverbrook Residence in Stockbridge, mostly because she loves the work and all the women who live there, and she had volunteered there for many years before joining the staff there. But she’s still starts her day at The Floor Store, and usually ends it here as well. She still oversees the books, pays the bills, and spends all day Saturday here to help keep us all in line.

Son Joe has been working full time at The Floor Store for many years now. He can do everything that Dad does, plus a few very specific things that only he does best. He has become as good as anyone in the sales department. He attends seminars, installation schools, mill trips, and is as well versed on flooring product knowledge and installation techniques as anyone can be. Since he has an extensive background and a degree in computer repair and networking, the computers at the store have never been so seamlessly integrated. He works with Anne with the bookkeeping and data entry as well. He receives all deliveries and prepares shipping; does most of the delivering, a good share of the custom binding; and maintains the warehouse inventory. He handles at least half the store customers. He knows the products very well and understands the various installations because he started helping his Dad when he was a small boy. He had also worked with the installing teams through many summers when he was in school. He truly started on the ground floor of the business and knows how it works. We’re lucky to have him. The only problem that we’ve had is figuring out how he answers the phone. Papa Joe is really the »Junior» of the family. Son Joe has a different middle name, but everyone assumes he’s the Junior. And so, young Joe has adopted the title »Joe Jr» to make things simpler for most folks. We’re still trying to figure out the best way to deal with it. Son Joe is the fourth «Joe Roy» in a row, which continues a tradition that is special to us, but we had no idea how complicated it would be in the store. It’s a work in progress. In the meantime, this past December, Joe and his wife Mary have had a son. [His name is Alexander. Good call!] He was born on 12/21/12 — he became a great disclaimer to the end of the Mayan calendar! The beginning of the new world!

Speaking of Mary: she has picked up the slack since Anne can’t be here on weekdays. She also helps her husband when he has too much to do. Beside taking orders directly from her son Alex, she changes diapers, maintains and updates samples and price lists in the store, pulls drops and adds new samples, keeps track and posts sale signs, updates the samples borrowed list, sorts and inserts invoices, and designs most of our advertisements. Besides being a new Mom, she’s the «new girl» at The Floor Store! And we are all thrilled to have her here!

Our store hours are 9AM to 4PM Tuesday through Saturdays. Give us a call at (413)232-7175 anytime or fax us at 232-4659. Email us at or and we’ll get right back to you. Our store is directly opposite the Old Town Hall on Main Street in West Stockbridge — right next door to The Public Market where we started. Come by on a warm day and you can still sit on the balcony overlooking the peaceful Williams River and watch the trout go by. We’re in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires. Many people come for a weekend and want to stay forever. And many do. They keep us busy and we’re grateful for it. This is the kind of place that folks choose to move to. And it’s home for us. Young Alex is a fourth generation West Stockbridge native!

Come on in and take a look. Try to arrange your home improvement with time to spare so your project doesn’t get too complicated or rushed at the end. Try to allow enough time so that different workmen aren’t working on top of one another to get your job done in an unrealistic amount of time. Plan ahead as best you can and try to allow for those few delays that are bound to pop up. Look ahead on some of the other pages on this site like «Our Service» that give you some heads-up ideas on things to consider while doing some changes and upgrading in your home. Hit the «Our Products» and the «Floor Care» buttons above for lots of additional information on what’s available and ways to care for your flooring.

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