Terrazzo Restoration — Cleaning Terrazzo, Polishing & Repairs

Terrazzo Restoration - Cleaning Terrazzo, Polishing & Repairs

Cleaning Terrazzo & Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo, Terazo, Terraso, Terazzo, Tarazo, Teratzo

No matter how you spell it, if you want to start cleaning your terrazzo floors, then there are a few things you should be careful of during your terrazzo restoration project. Most terrazzo cleaning & Restoration screw ups happen when people believe they picked up the right cleaning formula, only to find that it actually ambers or discolors the area they start working on. We get these phone calls all the time from people who used an over the counter floor cleaning product on their terrazzo floor, and it ended up discoloring the terrazzo. Then, depending on how bad the film is, your only solution might be to polish off an ADDITIONAL layer. Terrazzo floors cost any where from $20 — $35 a SF installed, you should call a professional contractor for a free estimate, this is not a do it yourself job. Remember, a professional has the right equipment to make quick work of restoring terrazzo floors, get an estimate and protect your investment.

Most Terrazzo floors are a combination of marble chips mixed into Portland concrete cement, and all concrete is not the same. Your local Terrazzo restoration contractor will be able to determine what steps need to be taken in order to successfully undertake your Terrazzo floor restoration project, this should not be confused with marble polishing they are similar but two different things. Also know, there are different concrete mixes for walls, floors, and sidewalk and driveway patching jobs, and it takes years of experience to recognize the difference when cleaning terrazzo floors. Concrete made for terrazzo varies, most mistakes are made from not recognizing the hidden details of your terrazzo floors and this can lead to increased costs in repairing terrazzo, some times a professional diamond grinding machine is all that’s needed when polishing terrazzo floors.

If you’re one of the many who’ve tried to clean your terrazzo floors and ended up with a dirty yellowish haze, notice increased pitting or any other problems, then stop what you’re doing and call a professional. Your local terrazzo restoration contractor can repair most mistakes and polish your terrazzo floors back to new. Even the best over the counter cleaners can’t compare with a good terrazzo restoration polishing, these diamond fitted machines will bring back that high glowing shine you’re really aiming for. Bringing back the shine on your terrazzo floors is a mechanical process, and unless you have a professional grade 800 pound machine fitted with diamond bits hanging around the garage, you’re not going to be happy with the final results of your floor. We also specialize in Terrazzo Tack Strip Repairs, Terrazzo Crack Repair and grout cleaning if you found terrazzo under your old rugs. With today’s advancement in natural stone floor & concrete polishing machinery, Professional Terrazzo Polishing Contractors are more affordable now than ever before.

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Terrazzo Restoration - Cleaning Terrazzo, Polishing & Repairs

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