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Jacksonville Terrazzo Refinishing

Jacksonville Terrazzo Refinishing

Terrazzo flooring is under a lot of carpeting, vinyl and tile. Throughout Jacksonville, there are several neighborhoods that have homes that were built in the 1950’s and 60’s that have terrazzo. Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, San Marco, St Nicholas and San Jose, all have homes that need terrazzo refinishing.

Simply put, terrazzo is a concrete coating that has been poured, and contains marble chips. The material that is poured is either mortar, or epoxy, and comes in a variety of colors.

Terrazzo refinishing procedures are determined by the condition of the floor in question. Many times tackless strip have been drilled or hammered to install carpet. We can fill these holes.

Terrazzo refinishing the surface includes two options, at two distinct price points.

The first terrazzo refinishing option is to clean the floor, and apply a sealer. Fabric and Tile Masters uses a floor machine to clean the floor and then extracts the slurry with a truck mounted steam cleaner. We then apply the sealer, specifically designed for terrazzo. This is a less expensive and time consuming process. It is also a process that will need to be repeated based on the floors usage. It is cheaper, but does not last as well.

The second terrazzo refinishing option is to restore it using a wet diamond grinder on the floor. We take the floor to the lowest grit necessary to remove the stains and scratches that can be removed and then bring it back up to a polish finish. A typical progression would be 120 grit, 220g, 400g, 800g followed by a polishing compound. After this treatment the floor will look like an expensive glossy marble floor without any grout lines. This treatment is a terrific value because the finish lasts many years and does not need to be recoated.

Here is a brief video showing terrazzo refinishing in a Jacksonville customers home

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Terrazzo Polishing Jacksonville

Terrazzo polishing is something we do every day at Fabric and Tile Masters. If you have a terrazzo, polishing is a simple as having us take the floor to a low enough grit level to remove the imperfections and then go through a grit progression until the floor is the desired finish. Typically the grit progression is 220,400,800 followed by a polishing compound.

Terrazzo is a floor that is a combination of poured portland cement (sometimes colored) and marble chips. The portland is referred to as matrix. The mixture is poured into a metal grid. This T shaped grid will act as an expansion joint, give the installer a guide to pour to, and provides a limit to the mixtures flow. There is also an epoxy terrazzo, as well as precast terrazzo tiles .

We see terrazzo in older homes and businesses. These floors have been forgotten for years, many times covered with carpet or vinyl.

The carpet installations often require repair to the edges where tackless are nailed/drilled into the terrazzo. These can be filled with a close match nonsanded caulk, or kits are available that match the marble chips and colored matrix.

Terrazzo Fabric & Tile Masters

Vinyl installed on terrazzo is always the worst situation, because the adhesive in the vinyl pulls the marble chips form the terrazzo, effectively ruining it.

Terrazzo Repair

If a customer wishes to have terrazzo restored, the following steps need to be taken:

  • Any waxes, topical sealers or acrylic floor finishes must be removed. There will be a time in the instillation when resin bonds will be used to remove scratches and eventually polish the terrazzo. These diamonds will not work when these sealers are present, so they will have to be removed. Use appropriate strippers.
  • Any cracks or edge repairs will need to be completed before the refinishing.
  • Stains will have to be evaluated and either removed or excluded from the estimate. Some stains will be deep after years of leaking appliances or wall removal.

After these steps are completed, scratch removal will begin. This will start with a grit low enough to remove the scratches, much like the process to refinish a stone floor.

After the grit progression (ex. 120, 200, 400) the floor will be polished with a suitable polishing compound.

The result that can be achieved is stunning. Good luck with your terrazzo.

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