Ten Flooring Options for an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel

Ten Flooring Options for an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel

Ten Flooring Options for an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel

If a home remodeling project is on the horizon, consider replacing the existing floors with a more eco-friendly flooring material. This flooring is not only sustainable, it is beautiful and there is a flooring option for every homeowner’s budget. Here is a list of the top ten flooring ideas guaranteed to look great in any room.

Cork is a softwood material that comes from the cork oak tree. It has a softer and warmer feeling when walked on. It is also low maintenance, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic. Cork is environmentally friendly because it can be harvested without cutting down the tree and is harvestable every nine years.

Natural Stone Flooring

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Environmentally-friendly stone flooring is made from sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. The stones can be used to create a unique look because no two stones are completely identical. Stone is also a type of flooring that looks better as it ages. It also resists molding, mildew and is anti-microbial.

Bamboo is a grass with properties that are similar to wood. It lasts a long time and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Bamboo flooring also comes in a variety of tones. Bamboo has a faster rate of re-growth than traditional wood. Many bamboo growers do not use pesticides or fertilizers that pollute the soil to grow bamboo.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete has become a popular flooring choice in many homes and businesses. Polished concrete has numerous health benefits. There is no dust accumulation and it is anti-fungal. Unlike carpet and other types of flooring, concrete does not use many natural resources and produces very little waste product. Another environmental benefit of concrete flooring is it requires less energy to heat and cool a home. Concrete has the ability to retain and absorb heat.

Linoleum is easy to clean and can be easily installed. It is composed of resources that are both renewable and natural. Green linoleum products are typically made from materials like linseed oil and wood flour. No toxins are using in preparing this floor. An added benefit, linoleum is long-lasting and biodegradable.

Glass tile floors can be made from sand and other types of recyclable materials. The tiles come in many different colors and can be used to create unique floor patterns. Glass is strong and can hold a substantial amount of weight, depending on the tiles size and type. One drawback of glass is the fact that t can be slippery and items can break if dropped on the floor.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood is a popular form of flooring. Reclaimed wood floors use wood that was removed from old homes and buildings. It is cleaned and dried for re-use. The type of floor can add character and richness to a home. Also, if gives homeowners the opportunity to reduce the need to cut down more wood.

Ten Flooring Options for an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is another type of eco-friendly floor option. It can be placed over existing floors and installs easily. Epoxy flooring surfaces are easy to clean, durable and attractive. Many epoxies contain no solvents. The environmentally-safe types are made from organic resins and natural stones.

Wool Carpeting

If carpet is the desired material for the floors, wool carpeting may be the solution. Pure wool is made from 100 percent natural materials. The carpet’s backing is also natural and is usually made from hemp, jute and cotton. Natural wool does not contain pesticides, artificial dyes and is resistant to dust mites and bacteria.

Forest Stewardship Council Certified Wood

If reclaimed wood is not a viable option, use lumber that comes from sustainable resources. Forest Stewardship Council Certified Wood, FSC, comes from supplies that take an eco-friendly approach to harvesting wood. They replant harvested trees, protect the environment and do not add pollutants to the area. FSC certified wood comes in the same types of wood as their non-certified counterparts.

Remodeling a home can be a fun experience. There are a variety of options to choose from to create anyone’s desired look. The ten flooring options are a great idea for anyone looking to replace their floors. They are not only beautiful choices; they help reduce the negative impact a remodeling project can have on the environment.

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