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MIS EZ Floor Heat SAM Mat Kit

Product Information:

EZ Floor Heat offers an innovative and cost-effective approach to radiant heat—Warm Tiles electric under floor heating. Have you ever dreamed of waking up to a warm bathroom that has been heated in time for your arrival? Or, are you searching for an affordable upgrade that creates an inviting atmosphere for friends and family? Easy Heats Warm Tiles is the foundation you are looking for. Whether in the kitchen, master bedroom, or even the basement, radiant floor heat provides a warm and cozy quality to the interior that you simply cannot get from central heating.

Warm Tiles not only keeps your floors barefoot-friendly on cold days, it can also help lower your heating bills year-round. In fact, electric floor heating systems are much more affordable than any other method of radiant heat, including hydronic heating systems. This is because Warm Tiles electric systems are easier and less expensive to install. Plus, once installed, you never have to worry about regular maintenance costs that are usually associated with hydronic heating — because there are none!

  • Cable Kits — For Unlimited Design Configuration

Install Easy Heats Warm Tiles in your basement, bathroom, or any other room in your home. The unique cable system provides unlimited design configurations for even the most difficult shaped room. The Warm Tiles cable allows you to install full floor-warming coverage by lacing the cable on the floor wherever you require a heated area. Our underfloor heating system offers two different spacing options, which enable these extremely flexible cables to be installed virtually anywhere. Simply snap the cable into the strapping that is included in your cable installation kit, and follow the cable installation instructions.

Warm Tiles is ideal for ceramic tile, porcelain tile, concrete, natural stone, laminate flooring, and pre-engineered flooring products. Our radiant floor heat cable kits operate on either 120 Volt or 240 Volt applications in North America. Please select the voltage you need to view the various models within each category, or view the detailed chart below.

Self-Adhesive Mat System. The «SAM» Mat System provides a quick and easy pre-fabricated installation that saves you time and labor cost. The self-adhesive mesh allows you to place the mat on the substrate and have it stay put while you embed the mat in thin-set or self-leveling underlayment. The SAM Mat System operates on either 120 Volt or 240 Volt applications in North America.

Experience the luxury of heated floors in your home without the heavy price tag. With the SAM Mat System, you can enjoy the satisfaction that comes with installing an electric floor heating system and creating a warm environment for the entire family. Whether you desire Warm Tiles in your bathroom, bedroom, basement, or any other room in the house, EZ Floor Heat provides the tools and expertise you need to do the job right.

Easy Heat Warm Tiles Thermostats provide consistent comfort and control. You will appreciate the option to set the timer so that the floor is warm when you need it most.

Warm Tiles underfloor heating thermostats feature state-of-the-art temperature control. Using a floor sensor that is embedded in the mortar just below your finished floor, the sensor monitors the actual floor temperature to provide you with accurate comfort levels. We offer both programmable and non-programmable thermostat models. Warm Tiles ET Model Thermostats offer a simple on and off selector switch along with a temperature adjustment. The FTS/GTS Model Thermostats offer seven-day or five and two-day programming options, as well as a simple on and off selector switch. In addition, you can program the electric radiant floor heating system to heat the floors in the early morning hours and again in the evening.

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