Natural Stone Pros & Cons eHow

Natural Stone Pros & Cons eHow


One of the benefits of natural stone is its incredible durability. Putting in natural stone is a long-term investment because it does not degrade quickly and it is not a material that will need constant maintenance or repair. In addition, it is stain resistant, meaning it will not have to be replaced or steam cleaned when it gets dirty.

Timeless Look

Natural stone has a very classy look and rarely goes out of style. It is available in many colors, textures and shapes to allow for individuality in the home. Should homeowners change their mind about the way their stone or house looks, chunks of natural stone can be re-sold, recycled or re-cut for a new look.


One drawback to natural stone is that it can be quite expensive to install. Prices will depend upon the project, the type of stone, the cut needed and the company selling the stone; however, natural stone can run anywhere from $10 to $30 per square foot as of 2010. Granite and marble are especially pricey.

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Natural Stone Pros & Cons eHow

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