Laminate Flooring Installation San Rafael & Santa Rosa California

Laminate Flooring Installation San Rafael & Santa Rosa California

Laminate Installation

The Method: Laminate floors use what is known as a “floating floor” installation: the attached planks lay on top of the subfloor. They are adhered to each other on the edges but not to the sub floor itself. Side seams are either glued or joined using a “glue-less” installation where the planks tightly interlock together.

Preparation: To assure a perfect installation your JUST REMNANTS installer will prepare your subfloor. The three step subfloor process below is essential to the quality of the final installation.

Inspection: The first step is to inspect the sub floor for imperfections. Although the subfloor doesn’t need to be completely flat, some floor preparation may be necessary if there is a substantial variance in floor height.

Cleaning: After making sure the sub floor is prepared and ripple free, your installer then cleans the floor. This through cleaning insures that the final steps in the installation will go smoothly.

Underlayment: The final step is to put an underlayment, usually a thin pad, directly over the subfloor. The underlayment acts as a sound and moisture barrier and adds to the comfortable feel of your floor.

Installation Detail: Your installation will begin in the left corner of the area being installed. The installer will leave a ¼» space between the flooring and perimeter walls for expansion and contraction of the laminate. Along the wall, spacers will be used as work progresses to ensure the accuracy of this perimeter space. Once the floor is installed the spacers are removed and the perimeter gap is covered with quarter round trim or a wall baseboard. As the planks are laid out in the desired pattern, they are measured and precisely cut to fit. After installation custom finished trim and moldings can be used to give the laminate flooring a beautiful, finished look.

A Smooth Installation

Furniture: Before installation day, remove all furniture and other objects from the area of installation. Consider how your old floor covering will be taken up and disposed of. If you prefer to remove your present floor covering yourself, do it at least one day prior to installation.

Carpet Removal: If needed, please remove the tack strips and pull the staples out of the floor from the original carpet pad. Moldings and baseboards may need to be removed prior to installation. Painted baseboards, woodwork and paint may need retouching after the installation is complete. This is your responsibility.

Laminate Flooring Installation San Rafael & Santa Rosa California

Doors: When laminate is installed, some doors may not clear the new floor and swing freely. The installers will remove doors to install the laminate and re-hang them if adequate clearance is present after installation. The installers will not shave or cut the doors if sufficient clearance is not present after installation. We can refer you to a carpenter to cut or shave your doors.

Your professional Just Remnants sales associate will be happy to help you plan the entire job. Your final quote price will include all known details so there are no surprises.

Installation Day

Safety: On installation day plan to have a family member or friend at home and available. Please keep children and pets out of the work area. Because it is difficult to estimate the length of each job, traffic conditions and other delays, we will give you a time window for our arrival. We’ll always respect your valuable time and keep you informed as to our progress.

After Installation: You may walk on your new floor immediately after the installer has left. We recommend good ventilation for 72 hours.

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