Laminate Floor Facts

Laminate Floor Facts

Facts about the laminate floor

Swiftlock Laminate Flooring

When a product is the cheapest option available, it gets peoples attention.  Such is the case with Swiftlock Laminate Flooring.  Most resellers of laminate floors stock Swiftlock, and its generally their least expensive option.  Of course, if a product is inexpensive, its assumed that it is of lower quality than the competition.  Is this true in the case of Swiftlock Laminate Flooring?  Its hard to tell.

There are various reports from people online, who own Swiftlock Laminate Flooring, and have various complaints.  However, is this a case of simple math?  If Swiftlock sells three times as much product as the competition, but only has twice as many complaints, then doesnt that mean their quality must be better?

Unfortunately, the reported issues with laminated flooring from Swiftlock are not easily avoidable.  Heavy or sharp objects dropped from any distance is said to leave dents.  Swiftlock Laminate Flooring has also been accused of warping under only enough liquid to clean it, and leaving none standing.  If you have kids, or live in an area where it rains a lot, thats pretty ominous.  However, there are many others who have this laminate floor that say it holds up just fine to just about anything.

The biggest advantages to Swiftlock Laminate Flooring, though, are really not in durability.  As mentioned before, Swiftlock is the king of cheap laminate flooring.  However, they also have a very large selection from which to choose.  Their installation instructions are second to none, too, which is something that they really pride themselves in.

Swiftlock Laminate Flooring is produced by Armstrong.  It makes sense that, when it comes to durability, Armstrong wouldnt want its cheapest laminate floor competing with their Armstrong labeled floors.  Maybe this is why they dont even sell Swiftlock Laminate Flooring on Amazon.

I suppose it comes down to what you can afford.  If you can afford better, than maybe it makes more sense to go with a laminated floor that doesnt have as many complaints aimed at it.  However, you may sacrifice ease of installation.  Only you know if thats a risk worth taking in your particular situation.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Something on your laminate floor making it look not as nice as it did?  Before you run out and buy laminate floor cleaner, which generally isnt necessary, lets consider the whole situation.  Many people who have had laminated floors for years and years never buy a single bottle of laminate floor cleaner.  Youd be amazed at just how much comes right up.

Dust or Dirt

Laminate floors are meant to deflect dust and dirt, so theres no need for cleaner if thats the only thing on your laminated floor.  Even if it doesnt look like dust or dirt, youre going to need to sweep first anyway, so you may as well do that before investing in laminate floor cleaner.  Even mud will often give up with the nudge of a broom, or the suction of a vacuum.  Be careful using a vacuum, though.  If it doesnt have a hard floor option, or something along those lines, see if you can remove the belt from the beater bar, or if theres a lever to disengage it.  Do NOT try to use a vacuum with the beater bar still activated on your laminated flooring unless you want to sort of damage/buff it.

Mud That Wont Move, Or Unknown Substances

Something on the floor that you cant just sweep or vacuum?  Try just using warm water.  Be sure not to leave any water standing, though.  Laminate flooring warps very quickly, turning a simple clean-up job into a nightmare.  You can also typically use a very little bit of dish soap if the warm water alone doesnt cut it.  In fact, many people swear by using dish soap instead of laminate floor cleaner, but it seems to me that something that cuts through grease might not be the best thing for laminate floors.  Feel free to scrub at it a bit, but make sure youre not using anything abrasive.  This includes things you might scrub dishes with, or dry sponges.  Youre wanting to remove it using pressure more than scratching it away.  There are some scrapers that can be used on laminate flooring, but make sure that theyre the plastic type that actually says on the packaging that they are safe for use with laminate.


So the physical substance has been removed, but a stain remains.  When it comes to flooring, laminate is about as stain resistant as it gets, but most things that will stain counter-tops will also stain laminate floors including, but not limited to, wine, Kool-Aid and just about any real fruit juices.  Its important to note that you may not even need laminate floor cleaner if the liquid is quickly cleaned up.  However, if you do have a stain that wont come up with warm water, you will need to invest in some laminate floor cleaner.  Be sure to purchase only the cleaner that is recommended by the manufacturer of your laminate floor.  If you dont know the manufacturer, or you cant find whatever laminate floor cleaner they recommend, be sure to at least stick with a known, name brand.  Cheap laminate flooring cleaner is just asking for trouble, and its not like youll use it often enough that its worth the savings.  Even with a good, known brand name, try to test it in an inconspicuous area, and wait a bit after using it to make sure it does not dull the finish of your laminate floor.  Do not try to mop your whole floor with laminate floor cleaner, and do not coat the stain and let it soak.  You should be able to just spray the stain, and wipe it up.

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