How to Cut Laminate Flooring A Step By Step Guide

How to Cut Laminate Flooring A Step By Step Guide

How to Cut Laminate Flooring

Cutting laminate flooring is a skill that one can learn in quick and simple steps. This eliminates the use of professionals if the budget is limited. Laminate flooring has gained popularity as one to the quickest ways of adding value and aesthetic look of a home. Nevertheless, cutting laminate flooring determines the type of finishing that such a floor will have.

Consequently, accuracy in measurement, the shape of the floor, adherence to instructions and availability of appropriate measuring and cutting tools determines the success of laminate cutting. However, the skill takes enough practice to master. As a rule of thumb, always practice laminate floor cutting on a piece of scrub to avoid causing damage to useful flooring laminates.

Measurement and cutting tools

Before starting any laminate flooring cutting exercise, assemble measuring and cutting tools. In addition, do not forget to wear protective gear like earmuffs, dust mask, and safety goggles. The following is a list of cutting and measuring tools for cutting laminate flooring.

  1. Pencil
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Paper
  4. Blue painters tape
  5. Laminate cutter
  6. Jigsaw that has a Bosh U1BIF 3 14 TPI bi-metal U-shank laminate flooring jigsaw blade
  7. Miter saw
  8. T-square
  9. Utility knife and,
  10. Scrap cardboard

These materials are necessary for accurate cutting of laminate flooring to get the best finishing.

Taking measurements

Before making any laminate cuts, consider the shape and surface conditions of the floor to be laminated. In the first place, remove the laminates from their packaging to get used to the new environment. First, take the length and width measurements of the floor space to be laminated using a measuring tape. Record the measurements on a piece of paper using a pencil.

Second, determine the dimensions of the laminate board using T-square, measuring tape, and pencil. Ensure the accuracy of the measurements by double-checking before actual cutting of the laminate board. Use a pencil to mark the measurements on the backside of the laminate board. Ensure that the measurements of the laminate boards correspond to the length and width of the floor space. This is important especially when the floor is irregular.

Cutting the laminate flooring

Place the laminate on the laminate cutter with the laminates topside lying on the laminate cutter. Cut the laminate to the marked sizes. As a rule, understanding the type of cut is important to the choice saws. Use miter saws to cut short or straight cuts. Use a table or circular saw when cutting the entire laminate board. In addition, cutting small or irregularly shaped laminate boards requires the use of a jigsaw.

This simple procedure will take you through cutting laminate flooring. How to cut laminate flooring should not be a difficult task during home improvement. Always take precaution when using cutting tools. For instance, the laminate cutter and the jigsaw are very sharp cutting tools. Any accidents involving these cutting tools can be fatal. In addition, always wear protective gear like earplugs, dust makes, and protective goggles. The cutting process leads to generation of splinters and dust that can harm your eyes or lungs respectively.

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