How eco friendly are marble floors — Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment -

How eco friendly are marble floors - Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment -

How eco friendly are marble floors

Marble flooring has become a very durable option for many home owners these days. Of course, marble has always been around but its popularity has surged over the last few decades. This is because of its visual appeal and availability in various colors, designs, patterns and styles. The smooth and glossy surface of marble is naturally available, making it a wonderful green flooring option. It is easy to install and breakage is minimal when handled properly. The good thing about marble flooring is the fact that it can coordinate well with any kind of home decor. It is very eco friendly as it has the ability to keep the house cool due to its being a poor conductor of heat. This makes it ideal as a green flooring option for homes in warmer climates.

Different types of marble

This natural stone is very beautiful and comes in different varieties which are all attractive and exclusive. The unique marbleized veining is the small lines of natural color which runs through the stone. The shiny and reflective surface marble is called gloss surface while marbles which look dull have been through the process of tumbling. This process gives the stone the distressed and aged look. The honed marble has a flat or matte finish which is ideal for daily traffic as it has lower risk of etching. Marbles are also available in tiles these days and are easier for installation and handling. Mosaic marble is created with broken marble which gives out very interesting patterns.

Why marble is ideal as green flooring

The durability of marble floor is sensational as it is laid with a propriety stain resistant sealant, which can protect the floor for decades. Of course, it will then require resealing but this comes as no inconvenience. As soon as marble is laid, it remains in place for a long time unlike other damageable tiles. Marble can survive the many spills and dirt as long as you clean up immediately. Some strong acidic liquids can stain the marble for which professional help is required. However, if you take good care, there is no reason why your marble floor should get stained. Marble is quite maintenance friendly as cleaning is easy on marble. You just need to mop the floor with warm water and some marble cleaning liquid and your floor is all sparkly again. Marble will keep you cool through hot summer days and in winter; you can throw some pretty rugs to heat up the place. It is a natural flooring material and therefore each piece has its own unique patterns and no two pieces are alike. Polishing the marble by the manufacturers also tends to bring out the colors in the stone and makes them more dramatic and noticeable. It is also very hygienic since it does not trap any dust or cause mold. Marble has a slightly translucent quality making it easy for light to illuminate a room by penetrating into the surface. This play of light upon both light and darker marbles can be quite beautiful for a room. Marble is a natural material which comes from the earth and therefore bio degradable and eco friendly. At the end of its functional life, marble will not cause any pollution problem.

How eco friendly are marble floors - Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment -

Drawbacks of marble flooring

There is some concern that quarrying marble may be detrimental for environment due to use of mining equipments and emissions. Transporting the heavy marble can also cause a lot of pollution especially when it is imported from overseas. The cost of installation for marble is higher due to its heavy weight. You need to make sure that your house is strong enough to support the heavy installation. Marble has another specific requirement which is the need to be supported by a joist and sheeted cement slab floor. Marble also need to be polished and buffed when it becomes dull due to the heavy foot traffic. You also need to use only cleaning liquids which are free of acid and chlorine which stains the marble. Since marble is naturally glossy in surface texture, it can be quite slippery when it is wet and can be hazardous. If you have old people staying in the house, you need to keep an eye on them especially when the marble is wet. Polished marble has the tendency to scratch easily due to moving furniture around or constant scrapping of heels on the floor. Besides, marble is more porous and therefore needs to be properly sealed to avoid exposing it to moisture.

All said, marble is still a very popular choice for green conscious people who like the fresh feel of marble around them. The smooth texture of marble certainly adds an air of elegance to any home with its timelessly grand visual appeal.

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