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Concrete Floor Polishing By Design

At Concrete Art-FX Inc., we specialize in the process of mechanically grinding as well as polishing concrete floor slabs into finely detailed showroom quality  polished concrete finishes for retail, commercial, or residential living spaces. 

Our mechanical diamond grinding and resin polishing process transforms ordinary concrete floors into shimmering  Eco-friendly  elegant polished stone or even granite like floor finish. We apply our unique finishing touch to every floor project we work on with unparalleled approach to the quality of tooling, workmanship, and attention to detail. 

We customize the concrete polishing process to the client’s expressed requirements as well as budget. Every polished concrete floor we create enhances, and beautify commercial offices, retail store spaces and we guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

Each newly created polished concrete floor job we produce is unique in it’s character and yet it is neutral, contemporary elegant finish that compliments any decor. Polished concrete floors can be found in art galleries, retail stores, professional office spaces, as well as residential condos, and homes with  installed in-floor radiant heated concrete floors. 

Natural Eco-friendly Diamond polished concrete floor s    are the ultimate alternative to the traditional hard surface flooring materials and polished concrete floors will outperform any commercial or residential floor coverings. When selecting the process of diamond grinding and polishing the concrete as your floor finish, the benefits are numerous such as natural light reflective properties that help cut energy cost of lighting, and easy to clean, hygienic floor surface. The nice seamless non-patterned texture of polished concrete can sometimes take on the appearance of a granite floor, or often of a natural polished stone finish, or can be ground deeply to create the look of a terrazzo floor finish, for just for a small fraction of the cost of buying these materials.

What Is A Naturally Polished Concrete?

It is a multi step process consisting of grinding from coarse to finer diamond/metal grit. After the grinding and special surface treatment is completed, a multi step polishing process begins, again with coarse to fine resin polishing tools are used to produce a natural polished concrete floor finish.

So What Is The Cost Of Polishing A Concrete Floor.

The multi step process of mechanically diamond grinding and resin polishing concrete floors is a technical and skilled job, as well as labour intensive. With all that said, to polish concrete is relatively inexpensive comparing to other hard surface floor options and will outlast almost any other type of flooring on the market. Request a free quote .

Why Choose Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polished finishes vary as much as a granite or marble slabs do. As with granite or marble, seldom will one find any 2 diamond polished concrete floors that look exactly alike, which is why naturally diamond and resin polished concrete floors are so desired and cherished for it’s character, seamless clean look, low maintenance, and it’s uniqueness.

Visit our photo gallery to view examples from previously completed flooring projects by  clicking here. Or visit our FAQ page for answers to the most frequent or common questions we encounter from clients.

The Most Common Polished Concrete Floor Finishes

All structural concrete floors when originally poured by the builder to form the foundation and floor, has aggregate content embedded in the concrete floor. Each concrete mix company has slightly different aggregate colours, sizes, and the composition and colour of the concrete can and will vary from one concrete mix company to another. As such this is the primary reason each finished polished concrete slab has it’s own beautiful and unique look. However we can and do control the level of the aggregate we expose during the grinding process and (prior polishing) as described below.

Aggregate Levels. Below are the three most common types of grinding and polishing finishes. The biggest difference between the finishes is the depth of aggregate exposure(the more aggregate exposure is desired, the more aggressive grinding and mor e time is involved in grinding before polishing stage). The second major factor is the level of sheen that is desired of the floor, from low to high can be obtained from polishing the concrete.

A . Cream Polished   (Minimal aggregate)   This is the most basic form of polishing concrete. It is a one or two step grinding process (minimal surface cream removal) with majority of time is emphasized on polishing the concrete with minimal with virtually no aggregate exposure. (typical finish for industrial facilities and box stores, lofts, or over freshly cured self-leveling cement overlay products.)

B. Small Aggregate Exposure

Often referred to as the salt and pepper look because the final finish has small amounts of aggregate exposed throughout and is the more common type of grinding and polishing finish clients request the most. Usually this a 10 to 12 step diamond grinding and resin polishing process.

C . Large aggregate Exposure

Eco-Friendly Polished Concrete Flooring - Toronto - Concrete Art-FX Inc

This type of polished finish highly resembles the look of terrazzo floor (as seen on right side) or even granite sometimes. The level of diamond grinding required, is about three to four times longer to grind to expose medium to large amount of aggregate prior to the polishing of the concrete slab. Therefore the high aggregate exposed finish you see on the left, is the most expensive type of polished finish.

2. Colour Your Polished Floor. Specifically designed dyes for polished concrete penetrate into the surface after diamond grinding the concrete to produce a translucent but deep rich colour luster that will not fade with foot traffic prior to commencing the concrete polishing process. There are more than 12 colour dyes to choose from and more shades of colours can be produced by blending the colour dyes in combination.

3. Custom Floor Engraving We engrave decorative grout lines, custom design engravings or logos directly into the surface of the concrete floor, creating a one of a kind custom colours and effects that will make your newly polished concrete floor even more amazing. You can expect less fuss and almost no maintenance to worry about.

We own and operate the finest quality European concrete grinding/polishing equipment technology and the process we use called the HTC SUPERFLOOR system is a time tested and proven floor polishing system.  This manufacturer developed process along with our own tweaks and premium tooling produces superior high definition floor finishes with  various grades  from low to high reflective sheen.

Additional Polishing Facts And Information:

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