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How to Clean Laminate Floors without Damaging the Laminates Surface

How to clean laminate floors. unlike cleaning traditional tile, carpet and flooring choices, depends on several factors, particularly the laminate flooring installation. Although most homeowners are rarely interested in buying high-priced, wood laminate cleaners for a specific brand of flooring, follow the manufacturers recommendations. It may be useful to learn about what not to do when cleaning laminate floors.

Moisture Penetration Can Damage Laminate Floors

Clean laminate flooring with as little liquid as is realistically possible, since moisture penetration can and will damage wood laminate flooring. Most laminate floors float over substrate flooring, usually on a pad, perhaps with a plastic underlayment that, ideally, will prevent moisture penetration into the subfloor.

In realty, unless professionally installed, these plastic liners are problematic. Unless the liner installation is exact, moisture penetration under the laminate is quite likely, particularly if you spill considerable amounts of liquid, or use traditional wet mops and buckets. This will inevitably lead to cracking, dips, subfloor warping or sinking, particularly if the subfloor is a particleboard instead of real plywood or similar subfloor material.

Cleaning Your Laminate Floor Correctly

As a rule, follow the manufacturers guidelines in every case. As a general recommendation on how to clean laminate floors. be sure to clean frequently with a microfiber dust mop for dust and dirt, since this will reduce the need for liquid cleaners. For difficult grime, food and beverage spills or other liquid stains, clean up the mess immediately, before it has time to dry or stick to the laminate.

A few tips on how to clean laminate floors with cleaners:

Carpet, Stone & Hardwood Flooring in Chicago and Western suburbs Resource Pages How To Clean
  • First, clean all flooring with a dry anti-static, microfiber cloth for the best results (these clothes pick up dust, light dirt, animal hair and dander, or other small debris)
  • After dusting, you may use a light steam mop (usually with anti-static cloths) in
  • Use the manufacturers recommended cleaning solution(s), if possible
  • Avoid any commercial cleaners that are caustic, since they may damage the laminates surface
  • Use liquids sparingly (this is the most important general recommendation)
  • Spot clean areas of grime, dried liquids, liquids that are sticky when driedtar, gum, soda, sticky foods, or any other sticky filth that will require some work (aka elbow grease ) with a towel and cleaner most than likely
  • Do not put liquid cleaners directly on the flooring surface, instead put the liquid on the cleaning rags, towels, cleaning cloths, microfiber cloths, chamois cloths, or any non-scratch cleaning cloths/towels that you are using
  • Homemade cleaning solutions can be quite effective, particularly using diluted white vinegar with water
  • Most citrus or oxygenated cleaners are safe, but spot test in an area of the floor covered by furniture to make sure the cleaner does not damage the laminates surface
  • Some mild, diluted dishwashing liquids may be effective and safe to use
  • Do not use soaps (these products will leave a dull finish or be noticeable when dry)
  • Do not use bleach on laminates
  • Avoid using oils unless specifically indicated by the manufactureroils are for hardwood flooring
  • Avoid using soapy detergents

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Great Western Flooring (Chicago metropolitan area with design centers in Naperville, Oswego and St. Charles, Illinois) sells a wide range of high quality laminates and we can recommend the best cleaning methods for specific brands or types of wood laminate flooring.

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