Best Furniture Options To Match Luxury Marble Flooring Stoneline Group LLC

Best Furniture Options To Match Luxury Marble Flooring Stoneline Group LLC

Best Furniture Options To Match Luxury Marble Flooring

By Asael Urbano | Published: March 1, 2013

The wide variety of marble styles and shades makes it possible for the homeowner to create a truly custom look in the living area, kitchen, and bath. The trick is to install a style of marble flooring that complements the other shades used in the room. Trends have developed indicating a preference by most individuals for lighter shades that blend together with other somewhat neutral accents.

This becomes the primary color used in the room. Darker accents such as cabinetry, tables, and chairs become the secondary color accent. To fuel the imagination, consider the following marble floor shades and the furniture that is highlighted by the color chosen.

Using Light Shades of Marble

Ibiza White, Fantasy White Pink, and French Pattern Crema Unico are three of our companys most popular styles. They blend well with other neutrally shaded furniture. Beige or tan sofas, loveseats, and cushions that are just a bit darker than the marble create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the living room.

Kitchens that are surfaced with lighter shades of marble floor tiles look extremely beautiful when the countertop and backsplash material is dark. Wood dining tables with glass tops also blend naturally with crema or French pattern marble.

Entryways and foyers will look brighter and more inviting when a light shade of marble is used. The crema and French pattern styles available from Stoneline Group blend very nicely with lighter shaded wood coat racks, gold or silver chandeliers, and varnished wood settees.

Medium Shades in the Bathroom

Homeowners often prefer jewel tones in the bath area. The medium shading of French Pattern Crema Milk . French Vanilla, and Golden White stand out very nicely against a backdrop of green or blue shower curtains, gold or green backsplash material, and chrome towel racks. These medium green, pink, and blue shades also look brilliant when there are several oversized mirrors in the bathroom.

Crema and Mocha for the Bedroom

Medium brown shades such as Crema Monica will look wonderful when a bedroom is furnished with white or black. Contemporary bedroom designs include exciting styles that incorporate low-lying bamboo construction beds and black end tables. These stand out very well against a medium/dark marble floor. The white or off-white walls and curtains complement a brown shade of floor exceptionally well.

It is always a good idea to take a tour of a showcase room before deciding on which colors to use as a flooring material. Some of the lighter shades of marble are highly reflective and will actually create a slight glow effect on the walls. A colorfully patterned medium rosy marble will work nicely when dark shades are used for tables and chairs. The glow effect speaks of a warm, comfortable atmosphere, and the dark shades of the furniture stand out as a secondary accent.

We Carry All the Popular Styles of Marble

Stoneline Group has studied the design trends in detail, and our company has chosen some of the most requested shades of marble as our principal floor tile material. We operate our own quarries in Turkey and import our product in bulk shipments.

Those wanting to save money when purchasing top-quality marble will benefit from our direct import/distribution business. Feel free to contact us for detailed information on our product line and ordering process. There is nothing quite like luxury marble stone when it comes to floor tiles, and the interior decorating possibilities are virtually endless.

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