Before shopping for bedroom flooring. there are a few points one must keep in mind, says Anjali Tiwari

People generally tend to ignore the flooring in their bedrooms, even as they attend to every other detail in the room This blemish must be corrected if one were to have a perfect appearance to the bedroom. Look and Comfort: The flooring which you are going to buy should not just be attractive, look-wise, but useful too. So, apply your skills to judge the best option for your bedroom.

If your time schedule is very hectic, choose flooring that requires less maintenance and is durable as well. Your budget must also be taken into account. So, first set your budget then decide to go for that shopping trip.

The prevailing and popular types of bedroom flooring are:

Flooring tiles:

This type of flooring gives an elegant look to your bedroom. Its look is great and versatile. Its installation is lose easy. The trend of this flooring tile is not new but quite old fashioned — yet it hasn’t faded till now. This flooring tile comes in lots of designs and styles, and basically, made up of different materials like ceramic, vinyl, linoleum and natural stones. Natural stone tiles are made from granite, marble, slate etc. In the market one gets a large range f ceramic tiles like glazed, matte finish tiles and porcelain. Both the tiles are durable and require less maintenance.

Linoleum flooring: It is also known as natural flooring. The word linoleum is a Latin word and is derived from two Latin words — linum (flax) and oleum (oil). This linoleum flooring is best choice for those who really like to walk barefoot at home. Linoleum flooring is not only economic but also provides an excellent support to the feet. Now-a-days, because of its beautiful designs and colors, it is capturing the market as it is durable and economic. It also has a water resistant property and stays put even in tough conditions.

Marble flooring: It gives an elegant and luxurious look to your bedroom. Earlier, it was considered to be a style for the rich class because marble was mined mainly in Italy - but now it has become pocket friendly as it is readily available in India and China , as also Mexico and Spain . For keeping marble floor for a long time, extra care is required. You get marble in two colors — black and white.


These marble comes in tile and slab form. And a combination of both types gives a very stylish and attractive look to your bedroom. Marble is well known for its low heat conduction properties. That’s why it does not warm up quickly. Thus, it is one of the most popular choices for a bedroom as it adds a soothing and cooling touch to the bedroom. However, in winters one must use rugs over it to prevent that extra cool touch.

Laminate flooring: animate floor has some great characteristics due to which it is set apart from other hard wood floors. In the market one can get a number of options of laminate flooring, differing in thickness level. People are crazy about laminate floors for their bedrooms as these are stain free, scratch-resistant, as well as water resistant. It is preferable to choose thick flooring, as it is more durable and stable. To make this floor last for a longer time, one may go in for wax treatment for sealing the joints. Laminate floor provides a warranty cover for a period between 5 and 15 years.

Vinyl flooring: As it is very affordable and attractive. vinyl flooring is increasingly becoming the choice of a majority of the people. One can get a wide variety in vinyl PVC flooring. It comes in different patterns and styles. So, according to one’s choice, one can buy them for their bedrooms. Vinyl flooring has multiple advantages — that’s why it has become one of the most preferred options for flooring. Its first advantage is that it is quick to install, maintenance free and easy to clean. It stays in good condition even under tough condition.

Wooden flooring: This type of flooring gives natural and great look to the bedroom. Because of its versatile nature it goes well with all kind of furnishings. Since wood is very delicate, it is important to maintain the floor, which calls for a regular cleaning. You can go for the special wood cleaner which is easily available in the market. As moisture is harmful to wooden floors, it should be protected from water. So, instead of washing it, one can sweep the wooden floor regularly.

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