Tripod Floor Lamp Ultimate Buyers' Guide

Tripod Floor Lamp Ultimate Buyers' Guide

The Tripod Floor Lamp Ultimate Buyers Guide

The Perfect Tripod Floor Lamp for You

We’re here to help you and your family find the perfect tripod floor lamp for your modern home design.  There are numerous designs and styles to choose from.  We will help guide you, so that you know your options for this market.

Most people who purchase a tripod floor lamp have a modern design sensibility, and are looking for a “wow” piece to add to their living room or bedroom suite design.  These are statement pieces that will brighten any room, in terms of both lighting design and home decor.

While this style is fairly new for most people, there are a few features that set the more traditional designs apart from the modern designs:

Wood Tripod Floor Lamp the base (three legs of course) are traditionally made of wood.  The more modern styles feature metal legs that hold up the light fixture.  These are typically topped off with a wide cylindrical lamp shade of a light neutral color.  Tip: you might even be able to pick up a traditional style on the cheap at a local flea market or garage sale.

Photographers tripod floor lamp this style of lamp is inspired by old studio lights used by photographers and film studios in the mid 20 th century.  These have been redesigned and adapted to represent a modern design aesthetic.  You will find these more in urban-style apartments and lofts.  You can find these deals at open-air markets, but vintage pieces are in demand, and the prices can get absurd.  However, the materials used on the classic models will mean that these purchases could be good investments that will brighten your home for generations.

Spotlight floor lamp tripod this, similarly to the photography adaptation, has been adapted from a practical use to one of a more aesthetic nature.  Spotlight floor lamps are more often used in industrial or commercial exercises, for instance when painting a room or working on drywall during a construction or a home renovation.  They have been adapted in recent years, and again, are more often found in modern home design typically found in lofts or apartments.  You can also use the directional features on this style of lamp to illuminate artwork or a focal point in your home, e.g. a fireplace or water feature.

Prices can vary widely range, depending on quality of construction and design.  You can find a tripod floor lamp for under $100 at a big box store such as Target, but also pick up a more high-end model at stores such as Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.  These better models can run anywhere from $350 to over a thousand dollars.  There are great deals to be had online for the savvy shopper.

Homeowners generally will place their tripod floor lamp in a far corner of the room, which is what we recommend.  But make sure to leave enough negative space around the floor lamp to ensure that you and your guests can fully enjoy the piece without any surrounding clutter.  Given the directional, focal quality of the light source, you will also want to make sure you have enough lighting sources (recessed lighting, table lamps, etc.) in the other areas of the room, so that the room is properly balanced.

Also, take care to match the style of floor lamp to the decor of the room.  For instance, you wouldn’t put a traditional lamp in a sleek modern, whitewashed loft.  Conversely, you wouldn’t want to place an industrial floor lamp in a rustic cabin interior either.

Our best advice is this: have fun, look around, and enjoy your new “wow” piece.

Vintage Floor Lamps (And Where to Find Them)

Vintage is all the rage these days.  Vintage clothes, vintage cars, vintage jewelry, vintage ANYTHING.  Of course, lighting design is no different.

It is not only a feeling of nostalgia for days gone by, but it is also a realization that any piece that has survived for 50-plus years of use must be of great quality.  So if it is still working today, it is a good bet that it will last a bit longer.  There is also the feeling of having something unique, that no one else owns, rather than something you bought online or from a big box store.  But there is a huge feeling of pride when you finally find that classic tripod floor lamp that you have been searching high and wide for.

Things to Consider

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for a vintage lamp.  The first is price.  If you are buying from a savvy seller, prices for attractive vintage lamps can run well into the hundreds, or even over one thousand dollars.  Sure, you can find steals at estate sales (check your local classifieds) or at flea markets or yard sales in your area.  But even these events draw many dealers who are similarly looking for diamonds in the rough.  Depending on your willingness or unwillingness to shop around, it may be worth it to pay a premium and go to a local dealer who specializes in vintage floor lamps.

Bulb Compatibility

This is important to take into account when shopping.  Some older lamps will have bulbs that can be found these days, but most of the time, you will have to shop around to find a bulb that will work in your vintage lamp.  You can usually find these online or at local small specialty stores.  However, this will be a an added expense.  Given the rise of online retailers, you can get most bulbs for around $5, but expect to sometimes pay up to $20 or so for more difficult to find models.

Electrical Safety

One very important issue to keep in mind is the electrical safety of any vintage lamp you purchase.  Some older models were not made during the era of modern electrical codes.  Even more importantly, these are often rigged later by third parties to work in modern sockets.  It is very important to work with a dealer you trust before you use your vintage floor lamp at home, or else work with an experienced, trusted electrician.  With these thoughts in mind, good luck finding that perfect vintage piece to round out your modern home lighting design.

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