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Tips To Help You Maintain A Concrete Floor @ The Next Fix

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Tips To Help You Maintain A Concrete Floor

Posted by admin | Flooring | Posted on November 17th, 2013

A polished concrete floor always looks stylish, no matter what setting it is in. However, you need to perform regular maintenance on the floor to make sure that it is always looking its best. There is not much maintenance needed to keep this floors shiny and beautiful appearance for many years to come. Lets take a look at some tips to help you effectively maintain and clean your concrete floor:

1. Seal the floor

When you first install a concrete floor that is polished, you should seal the surface. The porosity of the floor will be reduced with the application of a chemical sealant to the concretes surface. The sealant will also make the floor less likely to become stained or marked by normal use. After you seal the floor, the surface will be wipe-clean. This will make spills easy to clean up when they happen.

2. Vacuum and sweep the floor on a regular basis

Concrete cleaning is also a critical element in properly maintaining your polished concrete floor. As time goes by, the glossy finish of concrete that is polished can become dulled. This will happen if the surface has a large amount of dirt particles on it. The dulling is not only caused by the dirt. It can also happen when those dirt particles are walked on, causing abrasions on the surface of the floor. This is the primary reason why it is important to always make sure that your concrete floor has all debris and dirt swept away every day. This will slow down the dulling effect caused by people walking on the floor.

A vacuum cleaner can be used to eliminate dirt and dust from the floor. However, not all vacuums are ok to use for this task. Only use a vacuum that is made to use on all types of floors. If you use a vacuum that is made for cleaning carpets, you could damage or scratch your floor.

3. Cleaning stains or spills

Another part of concrete cleaning deals with the inevitable spills and stains that will occur on your floor. Floors that have been sealed are not as likely to be stained. Floors that have not been sealed can become stained quickly if stains are not dealt with in a timely manner. Whenever something is spilled on the floor, the spill should be cleaned up immediately with an absorbent cloth. Always be careful not to spread the spilled substance while you are trying to clean it up.

Troublesome stains can be cleaned by using a solution consisting of water and a pH-neutral detergent. If this solution is not removing the stain, you can try mixing water and bleach. However, this type of solution may change the color of concrete that is polished and acid stained. If this is the type of flooring that you have, it would be wise to perform a patch test in a corner that is not in plain view.

4. Washing a concrete floor that is polished

If you are trying to get rid of dirt that has built up on the floor due to everyday use, use a water and pH-neutral detergent solution to mop the floor. After the floor has completely finished drying, buff it until it starts to shine. However, you should avoid applying any wax to the floor. This is because wax has the tendency to build up as time goes by. This will result in the floors natural finish becoming dull.

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