The 5 Most Popular Bedroom Flooring Solutions In 2014 Foundation Flooring Blog — Laminate, Vinyl

The 5 Most Popular Bedroom Flooring Solutions In 2014 Foundation Flooring Blog - Laminate, Vinyl

The 5 Most Popular Bedroom Flooring Solutions In 2014

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The bedroom is the part of your home where you spend at least seven hours a day, so it’s only natural that you’d want to make it as comfortable and inviting as possible. And we’re not talking only about tested Feng Shui principles here; creating a cozy atmosphere in the room where you sleep ensures that you’ll get a good rest and be prepared for the challenges that await you on the next day.

The flooring solution constitutes one of the main components of your bedroom and making the right decision based on the other decorations, furniture, linens and of course, your personal preferences will help you achieve this goal. Let’s find out what 2014’s hottest flooring trends for bedrooms say.

Cork floors for their noise cancellation capabilities

Cork’s ability to absorb sound waves as well as revert to its original state even after high pressure was applied in a single point make it one of the number one choices for bedroom flooring this year. If you often enter the bedroom with high heels on and you tend to scratch or dent the surface, then cork is probably the best solution for you.

Ceramic and natural stone flooring for a Mediterranean chic

While in general stone and ceramic are viewed as more suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other locations with high moisture concentration, there’s absolutely no reason why it should not be utilized in the bedroom as well. However, make sure that the interior design of this space matches the patterns of the tiles beforehand.

Carpets and area rugs for the warm, snug feeling

Carpets and area rugs are the perfect addition to your bedroom not only due to their ability to warm up the room – literally AND figuratively – but also because they protect the floor and increase its lifespan considerably. With so many styles to choose from, including Berber rugs for that extra durability, natural fiber hand woven oriental rugs, braided or knotted rugs, shag carpets, so on and so forth, homeowners have numerous options when it comes to decorating their bedroom with rugs.

Wooden flooring for that rustic appeal

The two main alternatives in this case are natural hardwood floors and their engineered counterparts, the latter type consisting of several veneer layers fastened together for more resilience. In terms of style and pattern, you can opt for strips and their proprietary linear visual effect that tends to “enlarge” the room, the wider planks with primarily the same characteristics and parquet, which permits homeowners to utilize more complex geometric designs.

Laminate and rubber for resilience and a more “tech” look

High density fiber boards and their cousins, the high density particle boards are your two options in terms of laminate. Their key advantage consists of lower prices and higher durability compared to hardwood. It is necessary to point out that modern printing techniques can confer laminate flooring a strikingly similar aspect to their wooden counterparts. Rubber also shines among synthetic floors because the material is highly resilient and incredibly easy to maintain, qualities which make it suitable for a child’s bedroom.

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