Squeaky Floor vs. Late-Night Snack Plano Flooring

Squeaky Floor vs. Late-Night Snack

January 18, 2012 at 5:15 pm | Category: Wood Flooring

Floors and stairs that squeak when walked on are one of the most common complaints of people with traditional hardwood flooring . though even floors made with laminated wood panels can develop squeaks over time.

While squeaking floors and squeaking stairs may indicate a problem with your Plano home foundation, in most cases it is simply a sign that the timber used has fully dried and shrunk. Thankfully, with a little effort and some basic tools, the majority of annoying squeaks can be silenced without the need to remove or replace stumps or flooring.

Where access to the under-floor space is convenient and adequate, one easy solution is to have someone walk on the squeaking section of flooring while you are underneath.

Once the exact location of the squeak can be identified, hammer a thinly angled wedge or wooden shim between the underside of the flooring and the joist it sits on. Care must be taken not to tap to hard or else you will end up lifting the flooring and creating an arch, which will be equally annoying.

There are also a number of kits available that use a small steel plate fixed to the underside of the floorboards and another on the side to the joist immediately below.

These kits contain a threaded shaft, not too dissimilar to a bolt, that attaches to the plate on the underside of the floorboard and through an opening in the plate attached to the joist. By tightening a nut on the threaded shaft, the floorboard is pulled down tight against the joist, putting an end to squeaking.

Where access to the under-floor space is not available, repairs can still be made from above, though it takes a bit of time and effort to locate the under-floor joist. If the floor is carpeted. additional care needs to be taken in remedying the problem, while exposed wooden flooring will require additional work to finish the repair so it is not obvious.

The easiest and simplest way to fix a squeaky floor from above is by locating the joist below and driving a screw into it from above. Depending on the size of the area that squeaks, more than one screw may be required, while care needs to be taken to ensure the screw is neither to loose, or to tight, or you could create a dip in the flooring, the opposite of driving a wedge or shim to far between the two from below.

On exposed wooden floors, the screw should be countersunk so that the head fits below the level of the floor, with a small amount of colored wood filler applied over the top to hide the repair work. Carpeted floors pose a more difficult situation, with care needing to be taken to ensure neither the screw, or the drill used to create the pilot hole for it to screw into, do not strip fibers from the carpet, resulting in damage.

The easiest way to do this is to first wrap a piece of clear sticky tape around the shaft of the screw and the drill bit prior to drilling and screwing.

For squeaky staircases similarly effective measures can be used as outlined above for floors, with the most effective repairs being when access to the underside of the stairs can be gained from the closets that are generally built beneath them.

Where the squeaky stair is caused by gaps between the riser and the stair tread, a small block of wood screwed to the riser can also prove to be effective.

If upon inspection of either the underside of the flooring or stairs reveals timber damage caused by damp or termites, replacement of the affected timber is strongly recommended, along with treatment to eradicate the pests or additional remedial work to ensure the cause of the dampness is removed.

In either of these instances, or where the efforts outlined above fail to deliver adequate results, your Plano flooring specialists should be consulted.

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