Radiant Floor Heating Denoco

Radiant Floor Heating Denoco

Want Comfort? Denoco in Smiths Falls and Roth Team Up to Install Radiant Floor Heating

Roth has developed the most efficient hydronic radiant floor heating system in the world. A system designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Roth State-of-the-art technology — in both design and materials — gives complete system flexibility and allows for trouble-free applications in any home environment, and with any type of flooring, floor coverings, and ceilings. The Ultra Comfort Zone® effectively surrounds you with radiant warmth when and where you need it!

A world leader in hydronic radiant heating systems, Roth Industries has developed a unique and incomparable concept: The Ultimate Comfort Zone®. This hot new concept enables you to install the latest, most effective heating system in the world, with our guarantee of superior technology combined with innovative design and highest-quality materials.

Roths success is the result of product flexibility, targeted investments and theme-oriented solutions. Our growth stems from continuous research and the development of new and innovative products. The keys to our success in manufacturing include know-how, modern production sites and equipment, the very latest production technologies, and highly motivated personnel.

Be Prepared to Enjoy Comfort that Youve Never Experienced Before?

What makes the Ultimate Comfort Zone® so unique? You take control of your own comfort!

Roth offers you the best heat distribution for comfort, energy and savings. Roth systems optimize heating patterns for different zones, rooms or floor materials. Rooms always maintain the set temperature to eliminate chilly floors or overheated ceilings. Whether you have carpeting, hardwood, tile or stone, your floors will always be comfortably warm. No more cold feet.

This illustration clearly shows how closely the temperature distribution follows the ideal heating curve, according to scientists. The ideal temperature for comfort is 23°C / 73°F at foot level and 19°C / 67°F at head level. Compared to other systems, in-floor hydronic radiant heating

provides superior heat distribution (see chart), especially in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings.

Energy savings

Room temperatures can be reduced by as much as 3°C / 5°F without sacrificing comfort. For a typical home this means you can save up to 30% on heating. When doors are closed, up to 50% of the heat will be recovered instantly. Half of the total heat is provided by radiation, which travels at the speed of light.

Cost savings

Roth systems are easy to design, and can be installed quickly. Your certified Roth system installer has ready access to world-class technical support, heating system design data and engineering.

Quiet operation, health and safety issues

Water is far denser than air so it carries much more heat. Additionally, the water runs slowly through noise-absorbing plastic tubing. Small residential circulators are so quiet they cant even be heard in the utility room. Radiant heating minimizes air movement, which reduces drafts in the home. As a result, dust, germs, viruses and mold arent spread around the home. Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Decorating freedom

The entire system is hidden, and there are no obstructions to interfere with the use of the room.

There will be consistent heating throughout the entire house without any design restrictions.

Comfortable basements

What was once a damp, often chilly room can quickly be turned into a comfortable prime living area. Warm floors keep rooms dry and basement floors are now as comfortable as the floors on

Warm floors never stay wet

Water on the bathroom floor? No problem. Snow and ice in the garage? Dont worry. Roth radiant heating ensures that, if wet, your floors — and shoes, towels and clothes — will dry faster,

and stay dry longer; which helps to eliminate mold, mildew and pesky, unwanted odors.

Take Control of Your Comfort

The MultiTherm system

The new MultiTherm system takes a unique approach to enhanced control by maintaining constant flow through the loops and changing the water temperature for each individual loop based on actual demand. The result: a level of performance, control and comfort never before possible. Heres how it works: Each MultiTherm system is supplied with an automatic mixing valve for each loop inside its manifold, which ensures that the water supply and temperature for each loop always match the actual heat requirement of each room/zone.

    Radiant Floor Heating Denoco
  • Allows for individual water temperatures for each tubing loop on the same manifold.
  • Maintains the ultimate comfort of any room/zone with real-time feedback, intelligent control and constant circulation.
  • Allows for loops in different floor construction methods to share the same manifold.
  • Automatically compensates for design flaws or changes in floor covering.
  • Accommodates the dynamics of the building to provide faster and better response.
  • Can control radiant floors, low temperature radiators or low water temperature air handlers mixed on the same manifold.

Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems: Heat thats always in the zone.

Comfort control

Roth systems are designed to ensure easy control of heating in each room or zone. Thermostats for each separate heating zone give you effortless touch control to accommodate warmer bathrooms or cooler bedrooms for example. Direct sunlight, a burning fireplace, a large number of active guests many such factors can disrupt the heat distribution of a traditional system, resulting in both higher costs and temperature-related inconveniences. Roth puts an end to these and other problems with a system that provides the ultimate in control, efficiency and savings. Nothing compares to a Roth Hydronic Radiant Heating System.

Superior PEX Tubing

Roth manufactures the highest quality PEX tubing, made of crosslinked polyethylene, to guarantee unparalleled long-term performance. Two major components of the Roth hydronic radiant heating system are the proven PEX distribution tubing, and superior one-piece supply and return manifolds. Both help ensure economical, trouble-free installation of a system that will provide you with peak efficiency, ultimate comfort and long-term service.

Professional support from planning through design and installation

Roth will provide you with assistance, including heat-loss calculations, for your ultra comfort zone hydronic radiant heating system. Using leading-edge software programs, Roths design and technical support team will guide you through every aspect of the project. Roth-trained installers will receive ongoing support throughout the installation, including easy-to-follow installation manuals.

Other accessories to add to your comfort.

Roth Manifold Shunt

Developed to easily add radiant floor heating capability to existing high temperature hydronic heating systems. Roth shunts connect directly to the manifold assemblies. They can be used singly or in multiples with any boiler system, and when coupled with an outdoor reset control, the shunts efficiently provide weather-responsive system temperatures to the radiant heat manifolds.

Two model sizes are available.


Roth mini-shunts were developed to ensure easy installation and delivery of radiant floor heating to small areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and entrances with an existing, high-temperature, water source. The pre-assembled kit comprises a circulation pump, a mixing valve, and a non-electric temperature control. This system is available in three PEX-sizes.

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