Limestone Restoration, Limestone Cleaning Services in UK

Limestone Restoration, Limestone Cleaning Services in UK


Limestone floor is actually quite porous and prone to scratching, staining and fracturing. It also needs to be allowed to breathe, instead of being covered by synthetic sealers or urethane. At Posh floors, we offer the right solution to protect your Limestone by using highly penetrating impregnators for lime stone cleaning which penetrates the surface of the stone but retains the natural colours of the stone.

The primary cause for polished stone floors becoming dull is walking on them. Prolonged foot traffic grinds and packs in dust, sand, and grit. Although the scratching that occurs is very fine, it eventually covers the majority of the surface and over time dulls the finish to the point where it loses its reflective properties. To make your stone surfaces smooth and reflective, we employ the use of dedicated grinders, which is the initial step in the process oflimestone restoration .

With our limestone cleaning, restoration and polishing services be rest assured as you will be receiving nothing but the best. Posh Floors undertakes more polishing and restoring projects for limestone floors as compared to anyone else in the cleaning industry. We have a range of safe floor cleaners that will help your natural stone retain its beauty. No matter if you are seeking a limestone floor cleaner, require a professional floor cleaning or in search of some experts in limestone cleaning, polishing and restoration services, your search end here.

We offer the following services for your limestone surfaces




The use of low quality maintenance polishes which contain high levels of wax results in a stone which becomes yellow over time. The use of procedures such as vitrification or polishing at this point will only serve to trap in the dirt resulting in a shiny but soiled yellow floor.

Recommendlimestone maintenance products

Posh Floors can reinstate your stone to its original quality appearance. As your limestone is restored, our experts will offer you assistance on the appropriate care, effectual cleaners and maintenance tips to keep your limestone surfaces looking their best for many years.

Limestone Restoration, Limestone Cleaning Services in UK

Posh Floors has expertise in taking care of your limestone flooring in a timely as well as expert manner. Each restoration will start with a complete evaluation of the stones condition, most likely causes, and best restoration approach by our trained professional.

With Posh Floors Ltd, Limestone restoration process, having your Limestone floors restored today is more affordable than ever. Let our experts fix the damage.

Professional regular Limestone restoration maintenance will be required to maintain its honed or polished appearance of the limestone restoration services. Limestone looks best with a honed or low/medium sheen appearance however many people insist on a high shine finish. Some low calcite limestone can be extremely difficult to polish and therefore vitrification would be required. Vitrification however can give the stone an unnatural plastic appearance if repeated too often.

Because our process is wet, there is little or no dust created.

Simply call us today on 0845 652 4111 or contact us now to get a free quote; a Posh Floors trained professional will contact you to discuss your limestone restoration and care requirements.!

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