Installing Linoleum Flooring Adhesive eHow

Installing Linoleum Flooring Adhesive eHow

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Preparing the Floor

The types of linoleum that use adhesive are rolled and tile. A whole new look and dcor can be created by laying linoleum flooring. It is a do-it-yourself project that just about anyone can accomplish with a little patience and skill. In order to install linoleum, though, the subfloor must be level. If it isn’t, bumps can be sanded down and dips can be filled with a self-leveling floor leveler. The floor must also be dry and this can be seen on a wood subfloor but a cement slab must be tested. The test can be accomplished by taping a 15 by 15 sheet of plastic to the slab and letting it sit for up to 72 hours. If there is moisture under the plastic then flooring should not be installed until the slab is dry.

Installing an Underlayment

Most wood floors need an underlayment to keep the linoleum flooring smooth. The best underlayment for this particular floor is type 1 lauan plywood. The lauan should be installed in a certain manner for structural and expansion reasons. Seams from the pieces of lauan should not meet up with the seams from the subfloor. Galvanized staples should be used to install the underlayment 4 inches apart for the floor and 2 inches apart at the seams. An expansion gap should be used around the entire perimeter of the room of 1/8 inch. Expansion gaps should also be left of 1/16 inch between the sheets and filled with floor leveler. When the leveler is dry it should be sanded to a smooth, matching finish.

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