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Hyrdronic Heating Systems - McCoy Sales

Hydronic Heating Systems

McCoy Sales is a leading provider of hydronic heating systems and hydronic heating components. Hydronic heating, or forced hot water heating, is an efficient and comfortable method of heating residential and commercial spaces by pumping heated water to baseboard, in-floor, wall and ceiling panels, kickspace heaters and unit heaters. The use of hot water instead of forced hot air allows for easier control of the overall system, including individual room or zone heating. From small homes to larger applications such as schools, commercial buildings, and snow melt systems, hydronic hot water heating systems offer maximum comfort, control and efficiency. McCoy Sales can help determine which hydronic heating system is best for your application, and will work with you to create the ideal system for your heating needs.

Low temperature radiant. McCoy’s Sales’ low temperature radiant hydronic heating systems utilize our high efficiency boilers to heat water, while our Taco pumps circulate the heated water through the distribution panel(s). These distribution panels are a network of radiant tubing that is most often installed in the floor of the room to be heated, but can also be installed in the walls or ceiling, depending on the application. The boiler in this type of forced hot water heating system can operate at lower temperatures, and delivers highly efficient and extremely comfortable heating. McCoy Sales can provide everything you need for a complete low temperature radiant floor heating system. From the boiler to the pump to the distribution system, when it comes to radiant floor heating we’ve got it all. High temperature baseboard/Convective. A high temperature baseboard — or convective — hydronic heating system from McCoy Sales works very similarly to a low temperature radiant system. The key difference is the terminal unit used. McCoy Sales supplies baseboard units or radiators in a wide array of styles to fit any design requirement. Our variety of baseboard terminal units allows you to maximize aesthetic, engineering, and architectural design. McCoy Sales’ selection of styles allows you to create a high temperature baseboard hydronic heating system that maximizes efficiency, comfort, and the perfect design to fit any architectural look or decorating style. Hydro-Air. McCoy Sales’ hydro-air hydronic heating systems offer a range of different terminal units, allowing you to choose the perfect setup for your needs. We offer top-quality cabinet units, kickspace heaters, and standard hot water unit heaters. Steam and gas-fired units heaters are also available. A variety of styles can accommodate your heating and system design requirements. Our hydro-air heating systems employ fan assisted radiators to deliver heat in applications for residential garages and discreet kickspace heaters under cabinets to higher volume areas such as auto shops and warehouses.

McCoy Sales’ hydronic heating systems utilize components from leading manufacturers such as Taco. Beacon/Morris, Sterling, Burnham. and Raypak. Our hot water unit heaters are available in sizes ranging from 8,000 to 261,000 BTUs, and our steam unit heaters are available from 18,000 to 350,000 BTUs, ensuring that no matter how big or how small your heating application, McCoy Sales has the ideal system heater for your needs.

Control Systems

McCoy Sales supplies Taco’s iWorx control systems to maximize system efficiency and simplify system integration for your mechanical hydronic heating system. iWorx uses a number of sensors and controls to monitor your heating system and ensure that all of its components are working together for optimal performance and comfort. Utilizing outdoor reset logic, iWorx will adjust your hydronic heating system’s supply water temperature based on the current outdoor temperature. This adjusts the system to the needs of individual rooms or zones, delivering maximum efficiency by knowing how much heat needs to be supplied, when, and where in the building. This advanced system does the «thinking» for the entire heating system, and its user-friendly controls offer simple programming and the potential for off-site, web-based adjustments. McCoy Sales and iWorx deliver complete system integration for your entire mechanical system. Across multiple product lines, manufacturers, and components, our control interface delivers complete system integration, keeping the whole system working together at ideal capacity.


Hyrdronic Heating Systems - McCoy Sales

McCoy Sales also offers a complete line of steam boilers. radiators, and unit heaters for residential or larger commercial applications where steam can be used more effectively and conveniently than hot water systems. We offer steam boilers in a variety of sizes to match any heating requirements. Our steam boilers are ideal for any replacement application in your building’s existing heating system.

McCoy Sales supplies everything you need to build the perfect hydronic heating system for your home or commercial needs. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote .

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