How to Clean Linoleum Floors – Shine & Protect Your Linoleum Linoleum Floor Cleaner

How to Clean Linoleum Floors – Shine & Protect Your Linoleum Linoleum Floor Cleaner

How to Clean Linoleum Floors

What type of linoleum floor do you have? The procedure for cleaning, shining, and protecting linoleum is the same for linoleum tile squares, retro linoleum, and cheap linoleum flooring. Many people confuse linoleum with vinyl. Vinyl flooring is newer and more durable than linoleum, however, instructions for cleaning them are very similar.

Whats the best way to clean linoleum floors?

For light duty cleaning. try just plain warm water and elbow grease. For more heavy duty cleaning, add one cup of vinegar to one gallon of water. Vinegar is safe to use on linoleum floors, and it works as a sanitizer and deodorizer too. You can also use mild dish soap, but it will leave a film, so its not the best cleaner for linoleum, unless you want to follow up with a clean damp mop after cleaning. To save time, just use vinegar and water to clean your linoleum, or just warm water.

Dont use store bought floor cleaners. They can actually damage linoleum floors. If you choose a floor cleaner with harsh chemicals, you can accidentally remove the linoleum surface, along with the dirt and grime. High pH cleaners will eventually cause your linoleum to lose its shine. Most floor cleaners contain chemicals like ammonia which will cause your linoleum floors to look dull and dingy.

Never use a wet mop when cleaning linoleum floors. Linoleum has seams, and theres a good chance they are not properly sealed. If water enters the seams, it will soften the glue, and eventually cause the linoleum to rise along the seams. Youll see this a lot in older kitchens with linoleum floors.

Whats the best way to shine linoleum floors?

Using a good quality floor restorer. Shining linoleum floors, especially older linoleum flooring, cannot be achieved with store bought cleaners, vinegar, dish soap, or water. Linoleum flooring is also susceptible to scratches, black heel marks, and yellowing, so its difficult to maintain the shine. But if you use a good quality floor restorer, your linoleum floor will be sealed and protected, which will help prevent these common problems from damaging your floor. One easy to apply coat will seal your linoleum floor, and make your linoleum look clean and beautiful.

Whats the best way to protect a linoleum floor?

Again, by using a good quality floor restorer. Why a floor restorer? A floor restorer will not only seal your linoleum floor, but it will help protect it from scratches, spills, stains, black heel marks, and yellowing. U.V Rays and direct sunlight can cause your linoleum to discolor, and a good quality floor restorer can provide some extra protection.

Place doormats or rugs near outside doors to help minimize the amount of debris from entering your home. Grit and sand from your shoes will scratch linoleum, and this will make your linoleum floor look old and dull.

Pro Shot® Floor Restorer works great on linoleum, and will make your linoleum shine like new. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer will help seal your linoleum, is economical, easy to apply, dries crystal clear in about 30 minutes, and is UL-listed for slip resistance. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer makes scratch marks less noticeable, and protects linoleum from spills, detergents, yellowing, and black heel marks. Pro Shot® contains no petroleum, so it doesnt attract dust and dirt, or have any smelly fumes. Youll be amazed with the shine.

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