Cutting A Door Jamb To Install Flooring How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

Cutting A Door Jamb To Install Flooring How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

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murdockqotsa: Thank you very much. You made it look easier than it is, but I guess I have to work on my saw skills.

HappyLandFarms: very nice. finally someone knows what they are talking about. thank you!

RomeoKGT: What if the door jamb is located in the corner against the wall ?

GrumblingPete: I prefer not to make irreparable cuts to permanent fixtures in case of changes down the line. It’s REALLY worth it to take the time to nibble at your floor covering in order to get a tight cut fit around the offending feature.

evcirca1996: I need to continue through the door to our hallway. How do i keep it going when the door jamp blocks me from lifting to click it in.

tscat68: YES. I was planning on cutting the jamb! Thx for posting!

Episcleritis: Thanks for the helpful video, Dan.

calidoggie: A «Japanese pull saw» is what the real pros use to undercut in situations like this. This small handsaw is very thin and flexible and cuts with much better control.

websuspect: This works great! ( notice plank does not fit flush with wall! )

Vickie Sublett: Thank you for posting this. I thought I’d need to rent a «jamb» saw, but now I know I can simply use the hand saw I already have. Also, you did a great job of making this video quick and informative.

goonluv: thanx what a brill idea!!

Utube6762: How do you get the laminate under the door jam if you’ve started at the other end of the room?

dnhough: Thanks! Appreciate the ‘old hat’ way as it’s cheaper — I used a back cut saw. Just finished up the last row that ended at a door and I’m mighty proud of my efforts as the room looks awesome. Mama Vila finishes another project while hubby is on vacation!

mrsparex: @wwwkayhan Misspelling «your» makes someone a «jackass» in your strange world. The content of the posts are what I look at. I don’t spell check my posts. Get a life.

tameurysm: This is one of those times that once you see the solution you wonder why you didn’t think of that! Great job, guys. I saw this on a friend’s feed and had to check it out. Can’t wait to share it with my husband.


Steven Curley Jnr: @Utube6762 Take off the facing/check/jamb. Cut it to suit after floor has been laid.

pakcikordi: nice tip

tscat68: is it best to use staples or nails. ALSO can you install hardwood palnks directly over an existing kitchen linoleum floor..or should I tear out the 1/4 inch underlayment and lino?

DarthXspiderman: Thanks! That was the perfect information that I was looking for. I will be installing tiles and wasn’t sure.

Paul Mryglod: On the wall that you finish against, you’ll have to pull the casing, but not the jamb itself if you cut accurately.

Mike Tonon: Utube6762, thats a tricky pain. Secret of the pro’s. You might have to two-piece it.

mrsparex: Unbelievable how many nutcases post. The man simply showed a simple feasible way to fit flooring under a door. Yes it’s the molding & not the «jamb»: but installers refer to this as «cutting the jambs» we just do, get over it) No it’s not touching the wall: It’s not suppose to. Pro’s don’t use this type saw for this? no but most DIY’ers have a saw like this. (I have a Crain supersaw & a hand jamb) If your a genius and you «know all». quit watching DIY vids. post you’re own. amaze us!

David O: Danny that is so KEWL and easy. Thank you for sharing, I’ll take old school over new & inproved 99% of the time.

murrmac: No pro uses a handsaw, Japanese or otherwise. to undercut door jambs, a pro uses a Multimaster oscillating tool, job done in five seconds. btw you didn’t actually undercut the door jamb in this video, you undercut the architrave (or » facing»). The jamb is the member to which the architrave (or «facing») is attached.


Cutting a Door Jamb to Install Flooring 4.9 out of 5

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