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Bathroom Remodeling in Wichita - Bath Design - Bathroom Flooring Blue Ribbon Construction

Wichita Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Remodeling or adding a new bathroom is one of todays most popular Wichita home projects. The modern bathroom has become stylish, efficient, and comfortable, if not downright luxurious. Bathroom remodeling can add immeasurably to your comfort and enjoyment, as well as raise the value of your Wichita home. The hardest part of any bathroom remodel is getting started. Some questions worth thinking about regarding your bathroom remodel are the job size and size of your budget. It is important that you choose a competent and professional bathroom remodeling contractor to make sure the job is done right. Blue Ribbon Construction is the bathroom remodeling expert that fits that bill. Weve proudly served the Wichita area with all of their bathroom remodeling needs for over three decades. Our highly skilled technicians extend friendly and courteous service and are always fast and efficient.

When remodeling your Wichita bathroom it is crucial to consider various bathroom design options before you start the project. This gives you an idea of how your bathroom will look after it gets its new look. That is why at Blue Ribbon Construction we offer a free comprehensive design consultation. A few of the options discussed are:

Bath Design & Colors

Modern bathrooms are colored. A smart color combination is one of the keys to having a relaxing and joyful bathroom. Ceramic tiles can be mixed in bold combinations like black and red, red and white, green, yellow and black, white and orange, turquoise and white, lime and brown, and many more. Aside from color, your bathroom fixtures and structures also can be varying shapes and styles. The type of bathtub you have, for example, will impact your bathrooms aesthetics. You may decide you would like an oval ceramic tub, or a square jacuzzi. Maybe you would like a sleek and modern looking faucet. There are many options to choose from when it comes to your bathroom décor.

Bathroom Flooring

While often one of the smallest rooms in the home, a bathroom can still have tremendous visual impact. And anything that you do to change the design and decor of a bathroom will significantly transform a space of that size. Bathroom flooring, more than anything else, can have a stunning effect on the overall look of a bathroom; choose bathroom flooring wisely and you will achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

For those who are interested in upgrading their bathroom, the choices of bathroom flooring are endless. From ceramic or marble tile to linoleum and hardwood, choosing a bathroom floor is only limited by your imagination and budget.

With your consultation, well also discuss functionality. We discuss how many household members will use the space and whether it is a private bathroom or subject to guest traffic to determine the best type of flooring for your needs. Whether you wish it to be a luxurious private bathroom with real stone flooring or a pristine but beautiful guest bathroom with hardwood laminate, at Blue Ribbon Construction we will turn your vision of the perfect bathroom into a reality.

Our Wichita Bathroom Remodeling Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Bath Tub & Hot Tub Installation
  • Bathroom Tiling

Wichita Bathroom Remodeling

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