Wooden Floor Shop — Buy Wood Flooring and Laminate Flooring online UK and Ireland.

Wooden Floor Shop - Buy Wood Flooring and Laminate Flooring online UK and Ireland.

Wooden flooring

Owing to their visual appeal as well as the ease with which they can be maintained in top condition, solid wood floors have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom as an alternative to the more traditional choice of carpeting. Families with children will appreciate the fact that spillages can be wiped clean from a hardwood floor covering in a moment and everybody enjoys the luxurious look and feel of a quality wood floor. We are suppliers of a wide range of wood flooring types including walnut, maple and oak, with various different finishes. As long as they are properly laid they will all give many years of use and prove to be an investment that adds value to your property as well as style. These floor coverings can be used in virtually any room in your house except the bathroom in some cases. Laminate flooring is much cheaper than solid wood and can be hard to tell apart if well made. We have a large selection of these to choose from too, for those who wish to keep the cost of refurbishing their home down or perhaps want to use it in places where a solid material might be less practical. Most are quite easy for homeowners to install themselves.

Laminate flooring

There are several advantages to buying laminate flooring tiles. Laminate floor cost, as mentioned before, is a major factor and when laying a large area significant savings can be made. It is manufactured to be very durable and so is often used in commercial premises which have to deal with a lot of customers. The ease of installation also makes it attractive in situations where time is of the essence or where budgets cannot stretch to hiring tradesmen to do the work. With over 60 different finishes to choose from there is something for everyone in our range. Whatever sort of furniture you have in your house there is bound to be a colour that will complement it perfectly. We have customers from all over the UK and for laminated as well as hardwood flooring Ireland residents can buy from us with confidence. Once your order has been received it is dealt with as soon as possible and your goods should arrive in under five days. Customer satisfaction is very important to us which is why we are happy to refund the cost of any materials that are returned to us in their original condition within 30 days.

Engineered wood flooring

In addition to the two types mentioned above, many people also consider engineered wood for its extra stability and ability to absorb moisture without warping and cracking. Made up of several layers of wood glued together, to the untrained eye it is indistinguishable from a solid wood. For expensive materials like walnut the top layer will be made of this wood whilst the lower ones can be a cheaper wood such as pine. Discount hardwood flooring means that all three types that we stock are within the reach of most people. Previously the cost has put quite a few homeowners off but with our competitive prices a wood floor need not be just a dream. All our solid offerings are pre-finished which means less work when installing them and their thickness will help to increase the structural integrity of your home. Teak and smoked oak are two possibilities for a darker finish that look great in larger rooms. The lacquer finishes on our woods helps to protect them from the effects of strong sunlight which could otherwise cause bleaching and fading. It also makes them easier to keep clean and gives a polished look to your floor at all times.


The method employed for a laminate flooring installation or a solid floor will depend on the existing subfloor in the case of solid types whereas the click profile on many laminated boards means they can be installed on any type of subfloor. The only difference will be in the type of underlay used. If you are laying on concrete then one with a damp proof membrane should be chosen but for wooden subfloors this is not necessary. With solid wood an adhesive can be used to lay over concrete or wood. The traditional method of nailing the planks down can be employed if you have a wooden subfloor. If you wish to use nails but are working with a concrete surface then battens can be laid on the concrete first to make this possible. Prefinished hardwood flooring does not need sanding or varnishing afterwards which cuts down on the time needed to install it. For people that are not happy with doing the work themselves we would recommend finding a good professional to do the job. In either case it is important to inspect all the packs before laying them to make sure that they are all in good condition.

Maintaining your new floor

By following some simple guidelines you will be able to keep new wood surfaces looking good for longer. Regular sweeping or vacuuming will ensure that dirt and debris is not allowed to build up. This protects it from being scratched by abrasive materials and obviously a clean floor will look more attractive too. This holds for expensive wood such as solid teak as well as more economical choices like cheap laminate flooring. For the ladies it is a good idea to avoid walking around the house in high heeled shoes as these can easily damage your new floor. Using a lot of water to clean wood floors should be avoided as the planks will soak it up to a certain degree which will cause them to expand and then contract as they dry. Over a long period of time this type of treatment will result in cracks or warping. Furniture polish is not recommended either as the slippery finish can cause accidents. If drinks are spilled on your floor then it is fine to use a small amount of water with a cloth to wipe them up. Stains can be removed with a spot remover and soap formulated for wood.

Everything you need

A quick look through our website will give you an idea of the wide variety of woods that we have in stock and the great choice of laminated finishes as well. Under the accessories section can be found cleaning products that help to maintain the appearance of your new floor, as well as the materials needed to lay it. Several types of underlay are available as well as a high quality adhesive for fixing wooden planks to concrete. Wooden flooring and other products that we sell come with a warranty. This covers any faults that may have occurred during the manufacturing process but does not include ordinary wear and tear. When ordering, you can use the calculator on our website which makes it easy to see how many packs you will need to cover a given area. It is recommended that customers add on an extra 5 percent to the quantity calculated to allow for wastage when the floor is being laid. We have tried to provide as much information as we can on our website but if you should have any questions about installation, maintenance or anything else to do with our products then please give us a call.

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