Wood Floors Buffalo, NY Hardwood Floor & Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Wood Floors Buffalo, NY Hardwood Floor & Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Wood Floors in Buffalo, NY

Are you looking for hardwood floor options in Buffalo, NY? Dont get caught up in the stress of finding the right hardwood floors. At Jazz Hardwood Floors we know that hardwood flooring comes in a variety of materials and styles. With the right assistance, you can find the perfect choice for your house!

If you are remodeling your home with new wood floors, trust the experts at Jazz Hardwood Floors to get the job done right. Typical flooring options at Jazz Hardwood Floors can include both unfinished and pre-finished wood planks. We offer common flooring styles such as strip flooring, plank flooring and parquet flooring. Trust the professionals at Jazz Hardwood Floors Inc to help make your vision a reality.

Jazz Hardwood Floors of Buffalo, NY specializes in the installation and refinishing of hardwood floors. We install both pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors. Our dust-free sanding is available on every job!

«Quality work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t quality.»

Hardwood Floor

When it comes to anything hardwood floor related in the Buffalo, NY area, smart homeowners and business owners know to contact Jazz Hardwood! We offer the finest quality of wood floor coverings and installations of residential and commercial hardwood floors.

Whether you’re in the market for an affordable, carefree laminate or rich, natural hardwood flooring, we have what you’re looking for to suit every taste and budget.

Our services include refinishing hardwood floor!

Flooring is the foundation for your home environment and can have a dramatic effect on the look and functionality of every room. The right flooring can create a palette of color and texture to accentuate your furnishings or make small spaces feel larger. Your choice of flooring can affect the resonance of your home and can provide physical and visual warmth we handle all jobs big or small and all our work is guaranteed. Call the experts today! Call Jazz Hardwood of Buffalo, NY!

Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Over 80% of our work comes from the refinishing of hardwood floors in the Buffalo, NY area. It has been unbelievably satisfying to see the faces of our customers when they see the final product. It’s not just the new finish which amazes them'; it is the expertly reconditioned, repaired and revitalized look that can be even the most damaged floors look nearly new! Don’t like the color of the current stain? YES we can go lighter! YES we can go darker! YES we can come really, really close to matching your existing floors! Call us today to find out how!

At Jazz Hardwood Floors, Inc. WOOD FLOORS are our passion! If you live in the Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas, when you think wood floors. Think Jazz! We promise you will not be disappointed.

We also sell hardwood floor and wood floors!

Jazz Hardwood is Bonded & Insured .

We feature single strip accenting wood species, which include altered wood types for unique designs, custom borders, and medallion inlays. Contact the flooring experts located in North Tonawanda, New York, for hardwood floor installations and refinishing services. For over a Decade, we have been serving all of Western New York, which includes Niagara, Erie, Monroe, Genesee, and Chautauqua Counties in Buffalo, NY. We look forward to meeting with you soon! Count on our locally owned and operated company for top-quality services, personalized attention, and dust-free sanding. We leave our competition in the dust. not our customers! Our staff takes pride in craftsmanship and gets the job done right the first time.

Care and Maintenance

What To Do:

  • Regularly dust or vacuum. Swiffer or Pledge Grabit (dry style only) are excellent products to use on hardwood floors.
  • Damp mop when needed. Avoid excess water.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Use door mats at entryways and high traffic areas — i.e. in front of kitchen sink or refrigerator.
  • Use felt glides on all furniture legs.
  • Lift and place furniture — do not drag.

What Not to Do:

  • Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals (ammonia, dish detergent, powdered all purpose cleaner, bleach) to clean.
  • Do not use any products containing silicone or wax (Endust, Pledge, Murphy’s Oil Soap).
  • Do not use vinegar & water — it may harm the finish.
  • Do not let water stand on the floor.
  • Do not walk on floor with spike heels.
  • Do not allow heave furniture to rest on small metal tips or hard plastic domes.

If you’re searching for a business to provide you with refinishing hardwood floor service, contact Jazz Hardwood Floors. Our dedicated team is here to help you with your hardwood floor needs. We are proud to serve the Buffalo, NY area.


Ask us to see our Portfolio and we’ll be glad to stop by!


Products & Services

Installations: With over 10 years of experience, our installation experts are able to provide you with the precision and skill needed for a quality hardwood floor install. Jazz Hardwood Floors offers site-finished or prefinished hardwood flooring. Addition installation options that are available include borders, feature strips, custom inlays (brass, aluminum, marble, tile, glass), and custom medallions.

Refinishing: Hardwood floors are an eye catcher when going into any home. However, if your hardwood floors are abused or worn, they could be more of an eye sore. Jazz Hardwood Floors can bring your old flooring back to its original beauty and shine. We offer new environmentally-friendly water based finish, dust-free sanding and custom color staining to ensure the best fit for your home.

Repairs: Over the years, hardwood floors are vulnerable to water damage, stains, scratches, dents, splits, cracks & buckles, just to name a few. Jazz Hardwood Floors has the experience needed to transform your floors back to their original state. Jazz Hardwood Floors offers single board repair as well as large area repairs, no job is too big or too small.

Dust Free Sanding: We offer dust free sanding. more information needed from manufacturer.

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We install both pre-finished & unfinished hardwood floors. Our dust-free sanding is available on every job! «Quality work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t quality» FREE ESTIMATES Call us today!

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