Wood Flooring sanding, installation and repair questions, orange county, ca

Wood Flooring sanding, installation and repair questions, orange county, ca

Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a showroom but we believe it is best if we bring samples to your home. You can take a look at them your lighting and be held next to your furniture and cabinetry. If you would prefer to visit our showroom give us a call and we will be happy to set an appointment to meet with you.

My wood floors are very light colored, can I make them darker?

The beauty of hardwood flooring is the ability to change the stain color. The sanding process removes the old urethane and stain so you begin with a blank slate. You have the ability to go from light to dark or dark to light.

Do you do insurance work?

Yes. We work with all insurance companies.

I have a black stain in my floor from a plant that I over watered, will this sand off or do I have to replace the floor?

Each situation is slightly different. Black stains caused by pets or plants can be surface stains or penetration stains. We will attempt to sand off the stain prior to replacing the board(s). Either way, the floors can generally be repaired.

What should I expect during the sand and refinishing process, will my house be covered in dust?

Sanding inside a home is a dusty process however we use vacuum sanders that can reduce the amount of dust. We will make every effort to lessen the amount of dust by using plastic sheeting to cover exposed areas. You can expect dust to settle on walls, cabinets, window treatments, and items in direct contact with the floors we are sanding. On a positive note, the dust is a lightweight dust that is easily removed with a vacuum or feather duster.

Do I have to move out when you sand my floors?

This depends on your floor plan and the rooms we are working on. However, as a general rule most of our customers stay in their home avoiding the rooms we are working in. The final coat of polyurethane usually dries within 24 hours and furniture and rugs can be put back the next day.

How do I pick the stain color when I refinish my wood floors, will you show me color chips?

We offer custom stain to all our customers. Color chips are not a good representation of color as each board will have a slightly different color and grain pattern. Generally, on the day we begin the sanding process we apply stain to an area of your floor and mix custom colors until you achieve the perfect color for you.

I am beginning a complete remodel to my kitchen, at what stage of the process do the wood floors go in?

When you meet with our estimator he can give you the best advice based on your remodel. As a general rule, if you install prefinished hardwood flooring or sand and finish existing hardwood flooring we are one of the last contractors on the job site. Unfinished floors may need to go in sooner.

My floor has slight wear in the kitchen but the rest of the floors look fine, do I need to refinish everything?

You may just need a recoat of the polyurethane in the kitchen. Give us a call and we can take a look at your particular situation.

When I walk across my hardwood floor, I hear popping sounds. Why?

Can I have hardwood flooring installed in my bathrooms?

Should I use unfinished or prefinished hardwood?

What about high traffic areas?

What cities do you service? We are centrally located in Fountain Valley allowing us to serve all of Orange County and parts of San Diego County and Riverside County. This includes Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, Irvine, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Orange, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Westminster, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Yorba Linda and into Corona, Murrieta and Temecula. As well as south to San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente and San Diego.

What are edge treatments?

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