Wood Floor Refinishing Service New York City New Jersey

Wood Floor Refinishing Service New York City New Jersey

Wood floor refinishing in New York City and New Jersey -

Heavy foot traffic eventually takes its toll. One clear benefit to owning a hardwood or engineered floor is that they can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Any high quality engineered floor will usually have enough surface material to allow for at least 1 or 2 refinishings. With ¾ solid hardwoods, wood floor refinishing can be accomplished several times or more over the lifespan of the floor.

Wood floor refinishing  is like having a brand new hardwood floor installed all over again and will restore the elegance of your hardwood flooring to “like new” condition. Unless serious problems exist, wood floor refinishing is a better, more affordable alternative to a new replacement.  Sanding will restore the original surface texture and prepare the wood for stain, sealer, and finishing.

The sanding process will remove all deep and surface scratches that your wood floors have collected over their many years of use. Staining will allow you to custom pick a new color to fit the style of your home and finishing will allow you to choose what type of finish and how many coats you will apply for durability.

What you should know about the wood floor refinishing process:

Should I sand my floors or just buff them? The answer depends on the current condition of your floors. Floors that are scratched excessively, dull or worn out need a full sanding. Sanding your floors will take off the existing layers of finish, while taking out small and deep scratches. After sanding you will be able to add a stain color, and fresh finish coats to your floor, leaving you with brand new looking floors.

Buffing or screening floors is for maintaining a floor that is in good condition. The screening process involves lightly sanding the top layer of existing finish. By light abrading the top layer it helps to promote adhesion of the new top coat. Surface scratches can be eliminated, however deep scratches and gouges will still remain.

How do I choose a stain color? Almost all our customers ask this question, and we understand their concerns. Simply put its hard to determine what the finished product will look like, while choosing colors from a small paper or wood sample. Luckily for you weve come up a better way to choose a stain color.

Simply pick the colors you like from our stain color chart (located below). We will bring the selected stains and apply them to your floor during our wood floor refinishing appointment. You will be able to visually see and approve the color you like most. The possibilities are endless, stains can be mixed with others, or dyes to create a unique one of a kind look. We take the guess work out of choosing a color.


Finishline Flooring specializes in all aspects of wood floor refinishing and our state-of-the-art wood floor refinishing equipment will leave you with a brand new floor all over again.

When you choose Finishline Flooring  to complete your wood floor refinishing project in New York City, or New Jersey you aren’t just getting a flooring contractor. You’re taking on a partner in making your home or business look the absolute best it can, and we’ll guarantee you that nobody will have anything bad to say about your floors!

Did You Know….? That we offer a dustless “one day ” wood floor refinishing service where we can refinish your floors in a day?!  There are some restrictions obviously but it’s a fantastic package. Just ask!

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