What Can I Put Under My Furniture to Prevent My Hardwood Floors From Scratching eHow

What Can I Put Under My Furniture to Prevent My Hardwood Floors From Scratching eHow


Furniture glides fit on the legs or under the corners of furniture. Plastic or fabric-faced glides attach to the furniture and cushion the weight while providing a buffer between the furniture and floor. Some glides have steel sleeves that fit inside or outside chair or table legs and swivel to stabilize uneven chair legs. Tube-shaped snap-on glides fit over metal sled rails, preventing scuffing and scratching when the chair is slid along the floor. For furniture legs, plastic or rubber end tips fit over chair or table legs to reduce unwanted sliding and prevent floor scratches. Use recliner grippers under recliners to reduce chair movement and protect the floor.


Area carpet with rubber or other padding protects hardwood floors. When seating arrangements with chairs, sofas and tables are rearranged, area carpeting protects the hardwood floors and enhances room comfort. The area rugs stabilize furniture, reducing sliding and tipping, while softening room noise. Carpet and padding act as insulation, protecting the seating area from drafts and minimizing temperature spikes. Carpet strips under cabinets and other furniture protect the hardwood floor while absorbing vibrations between the floor and furniture. Special carpet pads, attached with adhesive, allow furniture to slide across the floor without gouging the floor or splintering the furniture edges.

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