We offer hardwood flooring services to Nashville TN homeowners

We offer hardwood flooring services to Nashville TN homeowners

Hardwood Installation

About the Benefits of Our Flooring Contractor Services

There are a lot of challenges and pitfalls you as a homeowner could face when installing a hardwood floor. Luckily, you can now take advantage of the professional hardwood installation services provided by Trent Langton Flooring. If you want to avoid working with big companies and coordinating subcontractors, our family owned business, operating within the area of Nashville, TN, is just the perfect choice for you and can save you a lot of time. We are well-trained, certified as well as fully insured, so you have our promise that the job results we provide you with will satisfy you completely!

Steps of Hardwood Installation With Trent Langton Flooring

We are well-known for our friendly attitude and attention to detail, so you should doubt no more that the final results from our hardwood floor installation work will be immaculate! Even those of you who have a broad list of requirements will be pleasantly surprised to find out that we can cover them all! Although we are creative and full of ideas, we know when to back off and follow your personal instructions and requirements. Here are the main steps Trent Langton Floorings flooring team will follow when serving you:

1. We will plan your hardwood flooring application according to the subfloor material you have.

2. We will make sure that your subfloor is sufficiently leveled before the hardwood floor installation .

3. We will accimilate the hardwoods in the space where they are planned to be installed.

4. We will work around your doors, floor-located vents, walls and other obstacles while we lay hardwoods through the floors at your property.

5. We will install shoe molding or baseboards around the perimeter of your floor, to finish its look – including scarf joints, outside and inside corners.

6. We can stain your baseboards to match the color and pattern of your floor upon your request.

For more information about the installation procedure or our hardwood refinishing services you may call us at (615) 293-6165. As for our prices – worry no more, we can tailor the offer for your project to match the budget you have. Just contact us for an upfront hardwood installation project viewing.When in need of installation, refinishing and maintenance of high-quality hardwood flooring around Nashville, TN, we know we can do the best job! Call Trent Langton Flooring today and get the flooring you always dream of within the shortest of deadlines!

Floor Resurfacing

We offer hardwood flooring services to Nashville TN homeowners

Is your hardwoods surface lackluster and flat? Are your floor planks cupped and rough?

Our hardwood floor refinishing job is to remove the old finish, smooth out all imperfections, and reseal your flooring for both protection and beauty. Our floor refinisher team in Nashville will carefully  buff away the top layer of your hardwood, stripping away the old finish and leveling out any cupped spots at the same time. Let professionals to take the hard work of getting your hardwood refinished and repaired. Call now and get a free estimate.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing can provide a cost-effective alternative to replacing a hardwood floor. This method removes dirt, and other imperfections and can restore old shined and stylish look to the surface of the hardwood.Unlike carpeting, hardwood floors will last a lifetime. For that reason, we believe in using only the finest materials available and providing quality craftsmanship in the installation. We strive all our project to be done right the first time, with the longest-lasting results.

Floor Refinishing Service

We specialize in floor refinishing service. Our job philosophy is that a wood floor refinishing service business can only be successful if everyone in the organization is totally dedicated to the business and each of our customers.Once the wood floor refinishing is done we inspect our work to make sure it is up to our standards.This is why we are one of the top rated hardwood floor companies in Nashville.

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