Styles of Engineered Hardwood Floors eHow

Styles of Engineered Hardwood Floors eHow


Instead of lining up boards in a basic parallel pattern, you can create visual interest by installing engineered hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern. Much like the herringbone pattern used for textiles, a herringbone floor uses a V-shaped design with much shorter individual boards. The name comes from the pattern created by the repetition of the fine lines, fanning out to resemble the parallel lines of fish bones. The herringbone style complements an art deco motif, or any other room in which you’d like to draw additional attention to the floor. If you plan to decorate with highly detailed rugs, you might decide against herringbone to avoid a too-busy look.


Combining a wood like red oak with a clear finish will give your engineered floors a simple, country look. The warm color of the wood and the visible grain texture combine for a very fresh and clean look, perfect for a cozy kitchen. Another way to give your floors a rustic look is to put down engineered flooring with boards of varying widths. The variation will create the look of a hand-crafted or antique floor. For an even more dramatic look, you can instantly give your home a history by installing engineered flooring that has a distressed or weathered look. Some of the factory treatments include hand-scraping, in which smooth planks receive an irregular planing; distressing, in which boards are repeatedly abused with metal debris; or wire brushing, which creates tiny grooves in the boards. If you do choose distressed boards, keep in mind that an irregular surface is more difficult to keep clean.

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