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pro source ProSource of Pinellas Your Source for Floors and Cabinets

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Installation- What to know

Now more than ever homeowners are seeing beautiful remodels on television shows, Pinterest. Houzz and other media outlets that are propelling them to make a remodel of their own.  Shopping for wholesale flooring and cabinet materials is one part of the process while installation is another.

For instance, a lot of homeowners are drawn to rectified tiles and want the tile floors with “zero grout lines”. Most installers need a little bit of a grout line to set the tile and most homeowners, once they have spoken to a qualified installer, understand. However, it is important to note that a very thin grout line is a laborious process and will increase the installation cost for the homeowner. The installer must be sure he is working on a very level surface and must make sure he is choosing tiles at the same height. They also need to be very careful on how much grout and/or adhesive is used to achieve the look of virtually no grout lines.

Another example would be laying a hardwood floor on a diagonal. This can actually require more hardwood material than a traditional vertical installation. Homeowners should be open with their installer during their initial measurement on how exactly they want their floors laid so as to avoid extra costs and miscommunications.

Other items that could add to homeowners installation costs when working with a qualified flooring installer are:

• Removal of materials—who will take the old carpet, tile or hardwood?

• Furniture relocation & removal—moving an entire room is usually an extra cost and moving extremely heavy and difficult furniture (like pianos & breakfronts) need to be spelled out prior to installation.

• Closets—some closets are located beyond the room getting the work and through a bathroom. Be sure to notify the installer all the rooms that need product and installation.

• Transitions from room to room—the right transition pieces should be purchased prior to installation.

• Any additional materials that may be needed: tack strips & carpet pad (sold in rolls) or setting and finishing materials or moisture guards. A good installer will give you an itemized list of what materials will be needed to complete the project. .

Theres an App for That- Home Improvement!

Yes there are many apps that can help trade professionals to make the project easier.  Here are a few:

  • Home Interior Layout Designer- Mark On Call — This mobile application is a room planning tool that will give you ideas and guide you. Great for designers as it allows you to take pictures of your flooring choices (as well as fabric and furniture) and insert them into your floor plans.
  • MagicPlan- Need a floor plan?  Take your iPhone or your iPad and snap a picture of your room and it will measure and draw you a floor plan.  It will even mark door and window openings.
  • Handyman Calculator- This Android app will calculate materials and time spent on your project.  It is a construction calculator that allows customization to help you figure out how much of a product you will need to complete your project.
  • ColorSnap — This app is from the folks at Sherwin-Williams and is good on iOS, Android or Blackberry smartphones.  Use this app to match colors, create a new color or find inspiration when working with a client!

More and more Trade Professionals are working out of the office and in the field.  Apps like these help you work with your client wherever you need to be! .

Flowers for you!

Looking for a new carpet or custom area rug ?  Why not add the fresh look of printed flowers? ProSource of Pinellas has a wonderful selection of printed floral patterns from which to choose.  Whether you are traditional or contemporary these selections will add elegance and style to any room!

Kane Carpet offers many printed pattern choices. This one called Inspiration would be gorgeous in a bedroom.

Shaw Commercial Carpet offers some very bright and durable selections which are great for high traffic areas.

This exquisitely understated carpet from Milliken is both soft and durable and comes in many colors.

ProSource of Pinellas County has a tremendous selection of flooring including printed carpets .  Choosing carpet to make a custom area rug gives you plenty of choices on size. You can make the carpet to fit the size of a room, an area beneath a particular piece of furniture or even have multiple shapes and sizes throughout the home creating a cohesive look.

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