Prevent Furniture Dents to Hardwood Floor Rug Pad for Less

Prevent Furniture Dents to Hardwood Floor Rug Pad for Less

Prevent Furniture Dents to Hardwood Floor

Furniture can often dent and damage a hardwood floor. By using a dense rug pad under your area rugs, you can prevent common denting of hardwood floors, regardless of the size or weight of the furniture.

Most people with hardwood floors think that using area rugs will protect the floors from common damage. While the rug adds a layer of protection, it is not always enough protection to prevent furniture penetration to the floor. The use of a rug pad under your rug can provide the best resistance to pressure that can dent the floor. Since the rug pad needs to resist pressure, a dense and solid one offers the most resistance, resulting in the best protection.

Felt rug pads are the most popular solid and dense pads available today. Unlike commercial mesh looking rug pads that are thin and light, a quality felt rug pad offers a protective barrier between rug and floor. The reason the rug pad should be solid and dense is so that it is able to prevent furniture penetration through to the floor. When this happens, no amount of furniture weight can penetrate to cause dents to the floor.

Mohawk Felt Rug Pad Protects Hardwood Floor

Mohawk 40 ounce felt rug pad provides maximum resistance against furniture penetration to the floor.

Mohawk offers a few felt rug pads for use under rugs on hardwood floors. The one to choose for your floor depends on the amount of traffic and weight that your rug and floor are exposed to. Mohawk felt rug pad is available in 20 and 40 ounce, or 1/4 and 1/2 thick. The higher the ounces, or density, the stronger the resistance against furniture pressure. If you have heavy furniture on your rug and you have a lot of activity across the rug, then you should choose the 40 ounce rug pad for best performance and protection. Under lighter traffic or little to no furniture, the 20 ounce felt rug pad is sufficient.

The density refers to the amount of resistance the rug pad offers under any conditions. The ounces refers to the amount of felt there is compressed per square yard of rug pad. So, a 40 ounce rug pad contains 40 ounces of felt per square yard of rug pad. This is one of the highest levels on density on any rug pad and is the most suitable under extreme use. The higher ounces means more material and a thicker rug pad, making Mohawk 40 ounce a full 1/2 thick. If you are not quite sure whether or not your room is considered on with much traffic and pressure, then using a 40 ounce rug pad is the safest choice.

Non Slip Rug Pad to Prevent Dents to Hardwood Floor

The all felt rug pads do not contain rubber, so will not prevent rug slipping. For these rugs that slip, you need to use a dense felt and rubber rug pad. The rubber will prevent rug slipping, while the felt will protect floor from damage. This rug pad is normally around 40-45 ounces, so it offers best resistance to furniture pressure. Super Movenot rug pad is offered as an excellent non slip rug pad that also prevents damage to the floor. It is made in the USA in a felt surface and rubber lower surface that work together to protect against slipping and damage.

Hardwood floors are exposed to much stress and pressure and should be properly protected to avoid furniture dents. If you have area rugs placed in rooms with furniture, be sure to choose the proper rug pad. This will allow you to use the room to its fullest without risking any cause of damage to the hardwood floor. Felt rug pads are proven to offer maximum resistance to pressure from furniture in order to prevent any penetration to the floor.

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